A One-Day Plan for Disney Springs at Walt Disney World

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Most people are aware that some sort of planning is in order before visiting any Disney park. What many people don’t realize is that Disney Springs actually deserves its own bit of planning as well. In fact, many people aren’t even aware that Disney Springs is an option, meaning they miss out entirely. Because we don’t want you to miss out on any of the awesome things offered by Disney Springs, we are going to use this article to help you make the ideal one-day plan for this amazing shopping area. Not only will this plan help ensure you see the best parts, it’ll fill your day with so much fun and entertainment you might just forget you aren’t in a park!

1. Make a Dinner Reservation

First and foremost, you will want to begin by making some sort of dinner reservation. Many of the restaurants in Disney Springs can get just as busy as the in-park restaurants, making reservations crucial if you plan to eat anything other than quick-service.


2. Start Early

It might be tempting to sleep in on your Disney Springs day. This is totally fine, but you won’t want to sleep the whole day away. You see, Disney Springs is much less busy during the day than it is in the evening, meaning you’ll have a much more relaxing time if you arrive during the morning hours.

3. See a Movie

The AMC theater in Disney Springs is the perfect place to get in some entertainment. They actually offer special-priced movie tickets in the mornings and on Tuesdays, meaning you can see a movie for a very reasonable price. And, the fact that they offer “dine-in” theater viewing makes it an even more exciting experience.

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4. Enjoy Some Bowling

In addition to a movie theater, Disney Springs is also home to Splitsville, a super cool, retro-styled bowling alley that everyone should get to experience at least once. We will admit that the bowling here is a little bit pricey, but the cost is worthwhile for a couple of games, especially since you’ll be on vacation when you go.

5. Grab a Bite

Eventually, lunch time will roll around. Fortunately, there are tons of amazing quick-service restaurants in Disney Springs. We 100% recommend Wolfgang Puck Express or The Polite Pig. However, you’ll likely be perfectly content with any of the options you come across.

Photo Credit: Disney

6. Do Your Souvenir Shopping

Obviously, shopping is the number one activity in Disney Springs. The place is full to the brim with unique little shops, and it’s nearly impossible to leave without at least a few treasures. That means this is the ideal opportunity to do your souvenir shopping, as you won’t be wasting valuable park time doing it, and nearly anything you can find in the parks (and then some) can be found in Disney Springs as well.

7. Have a Treat

Shopping while in Disney Springs is a must-do. Want to know what else cannot be missed? The sweet treats, of course! This is a Disney-owned attraction after all, and that means delicious sweets around every corner. Some of our favorites include anything from Ghiradelli, the cupcakes from Sprinkles, and the crepes from AristoCrĂŞpes.

8. Stop for Entertainment

With so much shopping to do, you might not realize just how much entertainment you’re passing up. Be sure to slow down and enjoy some of the performances offered throughout the day. There are almost always dancers and/or musicians outside of the Raglan Road pub, and the main stage outside of the Ghirardelli shop offers several fun shows daily. Take the time to stop and watch these shows, and be sure to offer up some applause in return for the entertainment!

9. Use that Dinner Reservation

Of course, you won’t want to forget to take advantage of your dinner reservation. We recommend setting a reminder alarm and arriving 10 minutes before the reservation begins.

10. Check Out the Nightlife

When the sun goes down after dinner, the whole area begins to take on a completely different vibe. The nightlife in Disney Springs includes clubs, bars, and dance halls, making it the perfect scene for adults looking to party. That’s not to say that there isn’t still plenty of family fun during this time, but if you’re an adult looking to drink and dance the night away, there are lots of chances to do just that.

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11. Take Advantage of Transportation

Finally, when you are finished with all the fun Disney Springs has to offer, you will need to get back to your car or bus. Most people are completely unaware of the fact that there is actually transportation within Disney Springs to help with this. Just look for the boats out on the water. These will help you get from one end of the Springs to the other without using your aching legs.

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