9 Things You Will Love About Teppan Edo

9. You can meet new people, if you want to. You will be seated with other guests, with up to 10 sitting around the outside of the large hibachi grill, with about four tables per room. Because of the way you are seated you can interact with other guests that are sitting near you, but the fun and noise of flashing knives cutting the ingredients up and stir-frying them on the grill, your attention is soon drawn to what the chef is doing and off of each other. It can be fun to meet another family but if you are uncomfortable with that don’t worry, there is no pressure on you to carry on conversations through the meal.

8. Eat with chopsticks-if you like using chopsticks this is a great place to dine as everything is proportionately chopped and easy to eat with them. If you prefer a fork those are available as well. They even provide children’s’/beginner chopsticks that are connected and operate as pincers. The one thing you may want to use a fork or spoon for is dessert. The Chocolate Ginger Cake is delicious and the ice cream is too.

7. It is fun to come here on your BirthdayTeppan Edo is a place dear to my family and we have enjoyed many a delicious meal there. When it is your Birthday you get to wear a paper chef’s hat, receive a complimentary dessert and they sing to you. The paper hat is yours to keep so as you walk around the park others will know it is your special day.

6. Lots of sauces to enjoy, the favorite being the white “yum yum” sauce. Each diner receives a three-sectioned plate to hold the sauces in which means you can dip as many times as you want. You will be served a soy-sauce base which is the darker sauce and pairs well with the vegetables. In the middle is a lighter soy/sesame oil based sauce great with chicken. And the very light, or white sauce, also known as the “Yum Yum” sauce is recommended for the seafood, steak, or honestly, it just tastes great with everything. If you prefer to only have one of the sauces the chef will pour just that one in each of your plate sections. If you discover you really like one and run out of it before the chef leaves your table he/she will pour more of that sauce for you.

5. The Chef performance and seeing other chef’s perform-the chef’s performance at your table is key to enjoying your dining experience but even if your chef is not the most animated, you will still receive a tasty meal that is hot off the grill. During your time at the big table you will be seated with other guests totaling up to 10 people. You will not be seated until all of your table’s guests have arrived. The chef brings out your meats and vegetables that will be cooked on the very hot flat grill in front of you. There are a number of entertaining steps along the way, such as when he cuts a large onion, taking it apart in rings and staking individual rings on top of each other on the grill. He pours in sesame oil and creates a “smoke” stack with the onion. Some chefs use that smoking stack and animate it like a “Mickey” train. Others leave it as it sits and call it a volcano. When they remove the tails from the shrimp some chefs flip them into their tall paper hats on top of their heads. Some chop the shrimp and using their spatula flip the cooked shrimp pieces into different diners open mouths. Once the cooking is completed the chef will check to make sure your meal is to your liking before disappearing to prepare for the next table at which he/she will cook. While you enjoy the rest of your meal you can watch the chef’s in the other part of the room while they cook their table’s guests’ meals. Each chef determines their own performance.

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4. The Cast Members are extremely friendly. The Cast Members is Japan are probably the friendliest to guests in all of the parks. The CM’s at Teppan Edo are no exception. You will receive a warm welcome and good service while you are here. They greet you with a smile and a bow. Shortly after you are seated in Teppan Edo a CM will bring you a warm moist towel with which to wash your hands or wipe your face if you like and they will collect them to get them out of the way.

3. Good appetizers and delicious meals-You will find a nice assortment of appetizers available at Teppan Edo including some sushi starters created next door at Tokyo Dining. The raw Tuna is always a winner. You have a fairly good selection of meats and seafood to choose from as well as vegetarian options for your main entrée. You can choose a single entrée or a combination of meat and sea food. Everyone is served a bowl of white rice, sauces, noodles and a mixture of vegetables for your sides. They used to have a delicious fried rice side but no longer offer this as part of every meal. The food is fresh, hot and tasty.

2. Nice variety of beverages-There is an extensive wine and beer list, including what many consider to be the best draft in Epcot: Kirin, which come in 20 oz. glasses. They also serve a nice selection of specialty cocktails and two frozen options that are non-alcoholic. Ichigo, a non-alcoholic frozen strawberry drink is extremely popular here.

1. Hot Food-If you are someone who really enjoys a meal hot off the grill, you will love Teppan Edo. When your chef determines that your meat is cooked to the degree that you requested, it is scooped up and served immediately to your plate. It arrives hot, delicious, and cooked perfectly. You may find that children who have disliked certain foods such as mushrooms or zucchini suddenly discover they like it cooked this way!

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