9 Things Disneyland Has That We Wish Was Also Available At Walt Disney World

We love Disney World. In fact, it’s probably our favorite place in the whole world. That said, there is one place that isn’t too far behind, if not right on par with Disney World: Disneyland. The debate about which US Disney property is the better one is as old as Disney World itself, and it’s one we don’t tend to participate in. The fact of the matter is that both properties are amazing in their own ways, and both have awesome things to offer the world. Many people argue that Disney World is bigger, and therefore has more to offer. What they don’t realize is that Disneyland, while technically smaller, actually hosts some attractions and options that aren’t available in Disney World at all. In fact, there are many super cool things at Disneyland Resort that we’d love to see in Disney World. Here are a few of those things.


1. Cars Land

This is easily at the top of our list. Cars Land is absolutely amazing. It’s immersive, fun, and couldn’t have been done any better. We often wish we had a Cars Land at home in Florida. Still, the new Toy Story Land is pretty cool, and definitely offers a fantastic experience that rivals that of Cars Land, so we are happy for now.

2. Blue Bayou

One of the coolest experience offered in Disneyland is the chance to dine inside a ride at Blue Bayou. While people can do this at San Angel Inn for the Three Caballeros ride in Epcot, the atmosphere isn’t nearly as immersive. In Disneyland, Blue Bayou has diners eating at the beginning of the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. Only the diners and riders are present, and the ambiance is just perfect, with fireflies flitting about and evening sounds filling the air.

3. Indiana Jones Adventure

Ever wanted to go on an adventure with Indiana Jones? In Disneyland, you can! Indiana Jones Adventure is a fast-paced thrill ride unlike any other. While the ride vehicles and track are nearly identical to those of the Dinosaur ride in Disney World, the theme and story behind Indiana Jones is even better, resulting in a super cool ride that all adventurers love.

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4. Alice in Wonderland

Dark rides are one of Disney’s specialties. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Disneyland has some pretty awesome dark rides. One of our favorites is one that can’t be found in Disney World: Alice in Wonderland. This ride has been around for ages and has always been fun, but the addition of modern special effects makes it even better, leaving us wishing we could ride more often.

5. Nighttime Parade

Currently, Disney World does not have a nighttime parade. This is actually a bit unusual, and makes us feel a bit jealous considering Disneyland gets the fabulous Paint the Night Parade. Here’s hoping we get another nighttime parade soon!

6. Holiday Overlays

While all Disney parks celebrate the holidays well, we have to say that Disneyland really goes all out. The Nightmare Before Christmas overlay on their Haunted Mansion ride is available from September through December or January, and is simply amazing. Additionally, the park adds a holiday overlay to their version of “it’s a small world” that makes the whole ride even more colorful and fun.

7. Easy Park Hopping

In our opinion, park hopping at Disney World is a bit too complicated to be worthwhile in many cases. However, this isn’t the case at Disneyland. The two Disneyland Resort parks—Disneyland itself and California Adventure—are located directly across from one another. This means you can easily walk from one park to the next in a matter of minutes. This definitely beats monorails and bus rides when you’re in a hurry!

8. Matterhorn Bobsleds

Disney World has the majority of the classic mountain rides. We even have a Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, a pretty cool addition to the mountain lineup if you ask us. What we are missing though is the Matterhorn Bobsleds. This Disneyland coaster is a classic, and one we feel every Disney property should have some version of.

9. Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage

An ode to the beloved 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea attraction, Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage is leaps and bounds better than the Finding Nemo attraction in Epcot. Don’t get us wrong, we love the cute Nemo dark ride in Florida, but a submarine ride like the one found in California would be even better.

There you have it. If given the opportunity, these are the things we’d bring over from Disneyland. However, all in all, we love the parks just the way they are!

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