9 Reasons You Will Love Food Carts at Walt Disney World

Credit: Disney

Walt Disney World’s food carts are both a blessing and a curse. While convenient, they’re also sneaky. The carts actually pump out the smell of what they’re selling, be it popcorn or churros. The delicious aromas get me every time! Here are a few more pros of Walt Disney World food carts.

9. They’re Quick

Most food carts have short lines. While these lines do get longer before parades and fireworks Cast Members are typically very quick when it comes to preparing and helping guests pay for their food. If you come across a food cart with a long line, try finding another one in a less-popular or less-crowded section of the park. You won’t have to look far, and it will save you from standing in another line.

8. They Offer Assorted Options

While many of you may think that food carts only offer typical theme-park snacks, Walt Disney World offers more than just that. Don’t get me wrong, you’ll find popcorn and cotton candy at food carts all of the parks, but newer items have also been added. Apples and bananas can now be found at most quick service carts, as well as glazed nuts, which offer a lower-calorie option.

7. Healthy Choices/Special Diet Items Are Available

As a gluten-free vegetarian, I thought I had my work cut out for me when I first visited Walt Disney World. As it turns out, Disney has already taken care of that. Many quick service areas and food carts offer healthy and special diet snacks for people like me. Pickles, grapes, fruit, and hummus are sold at some food carts, and allergy friendly cookies, brownies, and chips can also be found in various locations at the different parks.

6. Not-So Healthy Choices Are Available

Treat yourself, my fellow Disney-lovers; you are on vacation after all! Aside from the healthy options I just mentioned, there are plenty of unhealthy options sold at the food carts. Churros, pretzels, turkey legs, ice cream, cotton candy, and popcorn are just a few of the classic Disney park snacks we all know and love.

5. They’re Everywhere

Just like a Starbucks in New York City, you can count on always having a food cart nearby in Walt Disney World. Even in Walt’s original plan for his parks, he wanted access to food, drinks, and even trash cans to be convenient. Therefore, you won’t have to search far to find some refreshments.

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4. They All Sell Drinks

If Walt Disney World guests all had to go into quick service restaurants to buy a water bottle or soda, lines would be out the door. Fortunately, food carts also sell drinks, so you can quickly grab one while on the go instead of waiting in line at a restaurant.

3. They All Sell Bottled Drinks

One perk of buying a drink at a food cart is that they all come in a bottle: Coke, Sprite, lemonade, whatever. Bottles make it easy to cap it up and throw your drink in your bag before hopping on a ride, instead of throwing away a half full cup of soda.

2. They Work With Disney Dining Plan Snack Options

Food carts are some of the most convenient places to get a Disney dining plan snack while on the go. Disney makes the Dining Plan, with pictures indicating what the snack options are on the menu. While food carts do not offer all of the snack options, they do have quite the selection!

1. They Take All Forms Of Payment

Before the Magicband craze, food carts took both credit cards and cash. Now, they will take anything you’ve got, be it Magicband with a credit card link or money. This also saves time and doesn’t have you fishing in your bag for your wallet.

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