10 Most Beautiful Places in All of Walt Disney World

One of my favorite park activities is taking pictures. (Okay, it might be sort of an obsession…) Either way, I love capturing the timeless beauty of Walt Disney World on camera. There are so many beautiful places to see on the Walt Disney World grounds, but here are a few of my favorites!

1) Canada Pavilion Gardens:

One of the most colorful views in Epcot’s World Showcase are the gardens found at the Canada pavilion. Modeled after the Butchart Gardens in Victoria, Canada, these gardens are gorgeous to walk through all year long. And don’t forget to venture in further to check out the magnificent waterfalls at the back of the pavilion. Aside from the breathtaking view, the falls are also the perfect spot to cool down on a hot summer day.

2) Happily Ever After From California Grill:

Now this view is not to be missed. Yes, you have to buy dinner to see it, but trust me, it’s worth it. Of all the places I’ve watched Happily Ever After at Magic Kingdom, the view from California Grill has to be my favorite – or at least the most magical. From fifteen stories up inside Disney’s Contemporary Resort you too can have the best view of the fireworks. Each night before the fireworks begin, the restaurant lights dim and the soundtrack begins to play. Restaurant guests can go out on the balconies outside the restaurant for the twenty-minute firework show that will surely give you chill bumps. Yes, it is that good.

3) Main Street from Train Station:

To get a full, panoramic view of Main Street with Cinderella Castle in the background, climb up the grand staircase to the Main Street train station platform. There, you’ll find a great picture-taking spot, as well as a picturesque view for both Happily Ever After and the parades the Magic Kingdom Park has to offer!

4) Astro Orbiter/Tomorrowland Transit Authority During Fireworks:

For a new firework show watching experience, take a ride on either the Astro Orbiter or the Tomorrowland Transit Authority during Happily Ever After at Magic Kingdom. Both of these rides give you a new perspective on the firework spectacular, and bring you even closer to the magic!

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5) Epcot at Sunset:

A few days ago, my friend posted a picture to Instagram from her Disney vacation of Epcot at sunset. I would be lying if I said I didn’t tear up a little bit at the sight. One of my favorite places to watch the sunset in Walt Disney World is from a park bench alongside the World Showcase Lagoon. There’s something about the yellows, oranges, and reds that light up the sky, which makes Disney even more magical.

6) Top of the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse:

Last summer, my friend and I explored the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse for the first time. I had no idea how fun it was to walk through the various scenes and rooms, but the best part was the very top. Through the leaves and branches you too see Cinderella Castle and all of Adventureland: a view you won’t want to miss!

7) Tile Walls Inside Cinderella Castle:

For the most detailed art in Walt Disney World, take a walk through Cinderella Castle. There you’ll view five mosaic walls that tell the story of Cinderella with five-hundred silver, 14-karat gold, and colored glass tiles. Pretty amazing, right? This view is one you will definitely want to add to your Disney bucket list.

8) Port Orleans Riverside river walk:

Last year, my sister and I took a walk around the grounds of the Port Orleans Riverside Resort. I can’t think of a better way to spend the morning than taking in the beautiful view full of water wheels, flowers, and fountains along the riverbank. Another great way to view this area of the resort is to rent a boat or take the resort launch boat around the river: perfect ways to relax on vacation!

9) Main Street Plaza Gardens:

This next view is the newest addition to Walt Disney World, found in the one-and-only Magic Kingdom. The construction walls have finally been torn down, revealing the new Main Street Plaza Gardens. Open pathways and grassy spaces make this the perfect place to take a midday break, relax, or even read a book while taking in the view of both Main Street and Cinderella Castle. Even better, there are now more places to watch Happily Ever After each night!

10) Pandora – The World of Avatar:

Pandora – The World of Avatar is the newest land in the Animal Kingdom theme park. Here you will find two extremely popular attractions known as Avatar Flight of Passage and Na’vi River Journey. Outside of these two attractions, the land is almost like an attraction itself with stunning beauty and ability to interact with guests… especially as it glows at night! Snap pictures of the cascading waterfalls, floating mountains, and unique plants. Just beautiful!

About Alexandra Blazevich

Hello, my name is Alexandra Blazevich and I am a 22 year old journalist. Put quite simply, I am a Disney addict. I am originally from Cary, North Carolina, a small town just outside of Raleigh. In 2013, I moved to Orlando, Florida to dance with The Orlando Ballet, pursuing my childhood dream of becoming a professional ballet dancer- but I spent all my free time either in Disney World or thinking about it. Now, I am a senior at UNC-Chapel Hill and write for a various publications, but Disney will always be my favorite subject to write about.