8 Things You’ll Love about The Edison at Walt Disney World

The Edison

The Edison is one of Disney Springs’ newer additions and is as popular as ever! You see, this incredible restaurant is not your ordinary eatery. Instead, it rolls entertainment and food into one neat package in true Disney style, giving diners the ultimate meal experience. We highly recommend visiting this new Disney Springs venue the next time you’re in the area. We know you’ll love it, and here’s why.

1. Steampunk Theme

The theme of this restaurant is apparent as soon as you see the building. The exterior boasts a huge, steampunk-style clock tower that is a mere taste of what you’ll experience once inside. The interior? The story behind the restaurant is that it was once a large power plant before being converted into a fabulous restaurant and bar. Therefore, the theming reflects just that with an industrial, turn-of-the-century feel that is also mystical, a bit romantic, and quite appealing.

The Edison

2. Wandering Scientist

Of course, this theme can only be made better by a scientist. This is why Rory the Inventor roams the rooms of The Edison. This super smart guy uses science and a bit of magic to invent some fun times for people of all ages. Make sure to keep an eye out for Rory during your meal because he definitely adds a lot to the experience.

3. Three Bars

Many restaurants include one bar, and some even boast two. The Edison, however, is home to three different fabulous bars. Not only that, but each bar area has a very distinctive feel, meaning each one gives visitors an entirely different experience. Of course, with three bars in the house, the drink menu is also quite extensive. The drinks themselves are fantastic. In fact, we’ve yet to meet a person who doesn’t approve of these three bars and their multitude of beverages to choose from.

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4. Amazing Food

Just as you might expect from an upscale eatery in Disney Springs, the food at The Edison is very, very good. From their signature burger (“The Edison”) to their fried calamari appetizer, you’re sure to be satisfied with whatever you order. Just be sure to save room for dessert because they are equally as good. Black Cherry Cream is just as creamy and wonderful as you might imagine, and the Lollipop Tree offers just the right amount of whimsy.

5. Handy Location

A good number of delicious Disney restaurants are located in the parks. This is great when you’re spending a day in the park, but not so much if you only want to eat. After all. who wants to buy a park ticket just for a meal? Of course, there is the option of eating at a resort—which doesn’t require a park ticket—but it can be inconvenient. This is where Disney Springs steps in. The eateries that line the walkways at Disney Springs are located right in the middle of the action, but don’t require a park ticket at all. We love this about all Disney Springs restaurants, and The Edison is no exception.

6. Kids Can Come Too

Many people wonder if they’re allowed to bring their kids into The Edison. The answer is a resounding “Yes!” During the daytime, kids are absolutely allowed in this fun restaurant. Not only that, your kids will likely even enjoy their time in this well-themed, interesting restaurant. The American-style food is right up the alley of many young diners, and the super cool theming is enough to hold the attention of even the smallest children.

7. Nighttime Transformation

While kids are allowed during the day, this does change at night. Each evening at 10pm, the rules change. Persons under 21 are not allowed, and the dress code becomes a bit more formal, meaning those in super casual park attire will be turned away. At this point, the entire restaurant becomes nightlife central, and a very popular place to hang out.

8. Super Cool Entertainment

In addition to the nighttime age restrictions and clothing requirements, the restaurant also undergoes a few other transformations at night. A dance floor is created by clearing the main dining room of tables, meaning those who enjoy dancing can do so to their heart’s content. The restaurant also brings in entertainment such as a hula hoop artist, dancers, and many others. This adds a whole new level to The Edison experience, and keeps everyone in good spirits.

As you can see, we are huge fans of this new Disney Springs restaurant. Whether you choose to visit during the day or at night, you’re sure to have a blast. Go ahead and give it a try on your next Disney vacation!

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