8 Things You’ll Love About Topolino’s Terrace at Walt Disney World

Located in the brand new Riviera Resort, Topolino’s Terrace is a fantastic signature dining restaurant. With an excellent menu, great service, and a little bit of Disney magic, Disney World has created yet another wonderful dining option that we adore—and we know you’ll love it as well. Here are 8 awesome things you’re going to appreciate when visiting this fine dining establishment.

1. Classy Decor

Despite the fact that this is a character dining location, the decor is 100% classy. The natural color palette is quite pleasing to the eye, and the light fixtures are artsy and add a nice pop to the place. Even the table settings are classy, providing enough unique features to be memorable while still remaining refined.

2. Gorgeous Terrace

If you’ll be visiting Topolino’s Terrace in the evening hours, we highly recommend sitting outside on the terrace. This is, in part, what the restaurant was named for—and as soon as you step outside, you’ll understand why. The terrace is lovely, offering ample seating, plenty of shade, and an unobstructed railing so you can check out the view.

3. Amazing View

Yes, let’s talk about the view for a minute. One of the main focuses of this restaurant is providing an awesome view from its gorgeous terrace, and Disney nailed this one for sure. The whole experience was inspired by the cliffside dining of the Riviera, meaning you can see for quite some distance. The setting sun adds to the experience, as do the fireworks at Hollywood Studios and Epcot, which are visible from the terrace.

View from Topolino’s

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4. Mickey and Friends

As mentioned before, this is a character dining meal. In fact, the word “Topolino” is actually the Italian name for Mickey Mouse. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that you will see Mickey and his friends hanging out here. Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Daisy are all present, and each one is dressed in fun, artsy garb that cannot be seen in any other location in Disney World. Look for Mickey in his painter’s apron, Minnie in her poet’s dress, Donald in his sculptor’s gear, and Daisy dressed as a ballerina. All that said, if you wish to see these characters during your meal, you will want to make sure you head to the eatery for breakfast, as they are not present at other meals.

5. Fun Art Theme

That artsy garb we mentioned? The characters are wearing those unique outfits for a reason. You see, the whole character breakfast experience is meant to highlight the incredible arts scene found on the Riviera. From a “paint palette” of pastries and dipping sauces to the “paintbrush” butter knives, you’ll find all kinds of little touches to suggest this. In fact, we recommend keeping your eye out for these details, as they are quite clever and manage to enhance the theme without taking away from the class of the place.

6. Plenty of Dancing

One of the more exciting moments of the character dining experience at Topolino’s Terrace is the short and sweet dance party the characters have around the tables. As you might expect, kids are encouraged to take part in this fun moment, making it the ideal opportunity to allow young diners to let out some wiggles and snap some adorable photos of your little dancers.

7. Delicious Food

While the decor and characters certainly do matter, those aren’t the only things you visit a restaurant for. It should go without saying that most people visit a restaurant to enjoy a good meal. Fortunately, you can definitely do that here. Topolino’s Terrace has an excellent menu, no matter which meal you choose to enjoy here. For breakfast, we highly recommend the Croissant au Jambon or Spiced Sausage Hash. Visiting at dinner time? You’ll love the Herb Fettuccine which is served with clams, mussels, and squid. We also very much appreciate the Tomahawk Veal Chop.

8. Tasty Beverages

Finally, we must mention the beverages at this restaurant. As is the case with any of the Disney signature restaurants, you can expect to find a few unusual yet tasty options. First, there is the passion fruit, orange, and guava (aka “POG”) juice. This is found in a few other Disney eateries and is a sought-after treat that most Disney fans go crazy for. Other awesome beverage options include the Floral Mimosa, as well as the Riviera Bloody Mary.

As you can see, there are lots of great reasons to visit Topolino’s Terrace. Whether you’re staying at the Riviera Resort or just want to visit for a few hours, this is an excellent option that is sure to leave you feeling satisfied.

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