8 Things to Know About the Pin Trading Hoopla at Walt Disney World

Pin trading at Walt Disney World has become more popular than ever! It combines the excitement of a treasure hunt, the draw of collecting souvenirs and the magic of Disney. Did you even know about Disney pin trading opportunities in the parks? If you didn’t know about trading, or if you’re curious about how the experience works, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 8 things we want you to know about the pin trading craze at Disney World.

8. What is Disney pin trading?

in the parks, you can trade official Disney trading pins with Cast Members and other Guests. More than 100,000 different Disney pins are in circulation now. The fun is happening at Walt Disney World, Disneyland and even Disney Parks on the other side of the world! Collect pins one at a time until you have a particular set, or collect single pins that you find interesting. It’s up to you! The likeness of almost every Disney character can be found on Disney trading pins, but some characters are harder to come by than others.

7. It’s for everyone!

There are no age restrictions when it comes to pin trading! It’s fun for everyone! Mom, Dad, Grandpa, the kids—everyone can join in the fun of trading. In fact, it’s more fun when several people are enjoying the experience together!

6. There are a few rules.

There are a few things to keep in mind when pin trading in the parks. Disney has established a some rules for pin trading to ensure that every Guest has the opportunity to enjoy the experience. First, each Guest can only trade two pins per Cast Member. The same rule applies for pin trading boards around the parks—a Guest can only trade two pins on each board. Also, when trading with Cast Members, a Guest cannot trade a pin that the Cast Member already has. This ensures that Cast Members aren’t stuck with multiples of the same pin! There are no limits to how many pins Guests can trade with one another—that’s to be decided between you and the fellow Guest with whom you’re trading!

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5. Magic Kingdom hosts pin trading events daily.

There are now four pin trading meet-up times at Magic Kingdom. This is a brand-new opportunity hosted by the park to give Guests the chance to trade with both Cast Members and other Guests. The times and places are the same every day of the week. At 10:00 a.m., the pin trading event takes place at Curtain Call Collectibles adjacent to Town Square Theater. At noon, Guests can trade pins at the event at Frontierland Trading Post. At 2:00 p.m., meet under the big tent at Storybook Circus in Fantasyland, and at 4:00 p.m., trade to your heart’s content at Fantasy Faire next to Mickey’s PhilharMagic.

At each event, Cast Members are lined up—each with a lanyard full of pins. During these events, Guests can only trade one pin per Cast Member—but they can make several trips back through the trading line and trade again! (You’d be surprised at how quickly the pins change on the Cast Members’ lanyards!) At each event (except on Sundays), there’s a very special couple that trades with Guests—and their pins are epic! So bring some of your good stuff to trade up with them!

4. Know where to look.

Not only can you trade with Cast Members at random, but you can also ask to see pin trading boards at some of the quick-service restaurants in the parks. There are often pin boards at the host stands of some of the parks’ table-service venues as well, such as Garden Grill at Epcot. And don’t limit yourself to the parks only—each Disney resort hotel has pin trading boards and Cast Members eager to trade with you too!

3. Money is never to be exchanged as part of a trade.

This one is easy—it’s called pin trading, not pin “buying.” There are places all over the parks where Guests can buy pins, but money isn’t part of the pin trading experience.

2. Be careful not to trade your favorites!

Throughout your day in the parks, you may make several trades. Be sure to put your “keepers” in a place separate from your traders. That way you don’t accidentally reach for one to trade that you didn’t intend to trade. (Yes, it can happen—especially in a quick trade!) Designate one pocket in your park bag for keepers and one for traders—or simply keep your traders on a specific “page” of your pin trading book or bag.

1. A few things to remember about wearing a pin lanyard in the parks

If you choose to wear some of your favorite pins into the parks on a lanyard, be sure to use a locking back on each of them. Each pin has a black Mickey head-shaped back on it, but these don’t always stay on the lanyards—especially when they’re being worn in the parks. Locking backs can be purchased in the parks, on eBay and at Amazon.

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