8 Favorite Things Found in Toy Story Land at Walt Disney World

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I am in love with Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  The Toy Story films have always been favorites and close to my heart, along with the wonderful characters like Woody and Buzz.  The Imagineers did a wonderful job creating an immersive experience in a relatively small area of the park with lots of details that make you feel like a toy.  Here are 8 of my favorite things that you can find in Toy Story Land.


8. The Characters

As I said, I love Woody, Buzz, and Jessie along with all of their toy friends.  In Toy Story Land you can meet all three of them.  Sometimes lines are long, but it is worth a little bit of a wait as the character interactions I’ve experience there have been top notch.  Woody & Jessie meet guests together out in front of Toy Story Mania, and Buzz is located just past the entrance to Toy Story Land.  All three of them like to joke around with guests, especially if you make references to the movies.

7. The Theme

As soon as you walk into Toy Story Land past the towering Woody (who talks to you), you feel like you are a toy.  Everything is larger than life from the straws used to hold up light fixtures, to the benches made out of wooden train tracks or Popsicle sticks.  The land is bordered by a giant fence to show that you are inside the backyard, and the landscaping is perfect to look like grass all around you (that is an appropriate size if you are a toy).  Look down on the walkways and you’ll see Andy’s shoe prints in the “mud.”  Souvenir kiosks are made to look like Little People vehicles.  Woody’s Lunch Box is a Lunch Box with animal crackers around it.  The bathrooms feature Scrabble tiles.  No detail was overlooked or considered too small to include here.

6. Alien Swirling Saucers

Alien Swirling Saucers may be considered the least popular of the three attractions found in Toy Story Land, but it still offers a lot of fun, especially for little ones.  The green aliens have you board little space ships that swirl around the track while space themed music plays.  You may be able to ride this one without a FastPass or a long wait if you time it just right.

Photo Credit: Disney

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5. Toy Story Land at Night

Once the sun goes down Toy Story Land takes on a new character.  The Christmas Lights that Andy strung all across the land come on and add a very festive touch to the area year round.  Slinky Dog Dash has lighting effects on the track that add motion to the land after dark (and make the ride even more fun).  Even Alien Swirling Saucers adds a fun glow to Toy Story Land.  And watch out for Green Army Men hiding in the shadows waiting to surprise you.

4. Toy Story Midway Mania

Toy Story Midway Mania has been a favorite in my family since it opened, and it continues to shine in the new Toy Story Land.  Andy has set up a series of carnival games for his toys to play, and of course since you are now a toy that means you!  Put on your 3D glasses and get ready to challenge your opponent to a rootin’ tootin’ fun time.  Games that you participate in as you ride through the attraction include Hamm & Eggs (egg throwing game); Rex & Trixie’s Dino Darts (balloon popping game); Green Army Men Shoot Camp (plate breaking); Buzz Lightyear’s Flying Tossers (ring toss); and Woody’s Rootin’ Tootin’ Shootin’ Gallery (shooting game with suction cups).  All of these virtual games are fun and fairly easy for anyone to play.  Work with your partner to maximize point opportunities on some of the games to make it even more fun.  If you can’t get a FastPass for Slinky Dog Dash I recommend going for Toy Story Mania, although a new 3rd track helps keep the lines moving.

3. Woody’s Lunch Box

Hands down, Woody’s Lunch Box is my favorite quick service restaurant in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and definitely one of my favorite things about Toy Story Land.  The menu here is great and the food is well prepared.  The only downside is the somewhat limited (for how popular it is) outside seating which can be an issue on super hot or rainy days.  My menu favorites are the S’mores French Toast Sandwich at breakfast; and for lunch or dinner the Grilled Three-Cheese Sandwich or BBQ Brisket Melt (my son swears by the “Totchos”).  They offer a couple of great specialty beverages too.  The Mystic Portal Punch is a refreshing non-alcoholic options that’s great for kids and adults.  And the Grown-Up’s Lemonade (Three Olives Cherry Vodka, odwalla All-Natural Lemonade and Black Cherry Puree) is a great cocktail option.  Tip:  Use Mobile Ordering on the My Disney Experience App here to avoid long lines.

2. The Green Army Men

To me, the Green Army Men make Toy Story Land.  They are one of my favorite things.  These characters roam around the land and interact with guests on many different levels.  It is this aspect of “life” that makes Toy Story Land so special.  The Green Army Men also do a couple of “performances” throughout the day which are fun to catch too.  My two favorite interactions in Toy Story Land were running into a Green Army Man as we were purchasing my son a Bucket of Soldiers and he offered to autograph them, and then exiting Toy Story Midway Mania at night and finding some of the Green Army Men posing in the exit walkway to surprise guests.  These guys are great!

1. Slinky Dog Dash

Golly Bob Howdy do I love Slinky Dog Dash.  Slinky Dog Dash is considered a family coaster, but it has some thrills to it.  Because the track is out in the open you really feel the height and tilts and dips more than on a coaster like Big Thunder Mountain or Seven Dwarfs Mine Train that are built into and around a structure.  I think it is the perfect combination for families of thrills and fun.  And it is definitely the favorite among my boys who rode it 5 times during a recent Early Morning Magic visit.  The theming of the attraction is wonderful as well.  It starts in the queue where you see Andy working on his plans to customize his coaster kit with Slinky Dog and his other toys.  Andy built the “shade” along the queue using his other toys and games which are a trip down memory lane.  The Slinky Dog vehicle couldn’t be cuter, and I love that he talks to you as you are going around the track.  My favorite part?  Halfway through when you get pulled back to launch  . . . so much fun!  Slinky Dog Dash is a lot of people’s favorite part of Toy Story Land, so if you want to ride it without too much of a wait you should make it a priority with your FastPass selections, or plan to be at the park well before it opens, or hit it at the very end of the night.

Photo Credit: Disney

What are you favorite things found in Toy Story Land?

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