7 Ways To Take The Best Photos At Walt Disney World

As a photographer, I have to admit that I was very excited when I was given the opportunity to write this review. When I’m not eating, riding rides, or catching one of my favorite shows, you’ll find me taking pictures around the parks and resorts. Over the years, I have taken plenty of pictures in Walt Disney World – if you don’t believe me, just check my Instagram – so from that experience, here are seven tips for taking the best photos inside the wonderful world of Disney!

1) Have your camera ready at all times:

Just as Jiminy Cricket said, “Anything is possible if you just believe.” It’s cheesy, I know, but it’s true! You are in Disney World after all. From a Disney-addict/photographer’s perspective, trust me: keep your camera out and ready. Walt Disney World is full of surprises, so in order to capture as much magic as possible, have that camera out and ready!

2) Take a lot of pictures, then weed out the “bad” ones:

I use this method for just about every photoshoot I do, but it also applies to vacation photos. I would much rather have to delete photos off of my phone or camera than find myself wishing I had taken more. You’ll be happy you did, when you can go back through your vacation memories later!

3) Be on the lookout for new and exciting things:

Walt Disney World is a place where I can just about guarantee there will be something new and exciting to see. Why not capture those moments so you have them forever? Disney Imagineers may have built a new restaurant, show, or entire section of a theme park, but whatever they have thought up, you can be sure it is picture worthy!

4) Lookout for “Kodak Photo Spots:”

In various locations around the parks, (near the Tree of Life in the Animal Kingdom park, in front of the Epcot’s Spaceship Earth, etc.), you’ll find little yellow signs that say “Kodak picture spot” on them. These signs are perfect locations to get those iconic Walt Disney World pictures we all know and love. They’re also great places to get a family picture! What’s the best part, you ask? There’s sure to be a Photo Pass Photographer nearby to take that picture, so that your entire group can get in the picture!

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5) Take advantage of the Photo Pass Photographer service:

Walt Disney World’s Photo Pass Photographers, in my opinion, have one of the best jobs Disney parks have to offer. I personally love capturing magical moments; that is what these photographers get to do all day long. While a good few of these Cast Members have tripods set up in front of the iconic Disney park locations, others are scattered around the parks to take pictures of various other park activities. So, be sure to ask one of these photographers to take a picture where your whole group can be in it- no selfie stick necessary.

6) Invest in a waterproof case for your phone/camera:

Last year, I bought one of these bad boys for trips to the pool, beach, and of course, Walt Disney World. I would have to say it is an investment that I will not regret, even if it was just a fifteen-dollar case from Amazon. Imagine the possible pictures you can take with a case that can get splashed with water! You’ll feel safer about taking your phone on a water ride, as well as snapping pictures as you slide down the drops on Splash Mountain and Kali River Rapids. With waterproof cases, you can also keep your camera gear safe and dry from the unpredictable Florida weather!

7) Put your camera on sports/action mode:

Walt Disney World vacations are capable of being very fast-paced. That’s the understatement of the century, am I right? On a digital or DSLR camera, try changing it to sports mode and turn up the shutter speed. This will help make sure you capture your vacation to the best of your ability. For those of you who want to invest in a Go Pro camera, or if you already own one, I definitely recommend packing it for your vacation. The accessible use is perfect for a Disney vacation where you are constantly on the go!

About Alexandra Blazevich

Hello, my name is Alexandra Blazevich and I am a 22 year old journalist. Put quite simply, I am a Disney addict. I am originally from Cary, North Carolina, a small town just outside of Raleigh. In 2013, I moved to Orlando, Florida to dance with The Orlando Ballet, pursuing my childhood dream of becoming a professional ballet dancer- but I spent all my free time either in Disney World or thinking about it. Now, I am a senior at UNC-Chapel Hill and write for a various publications, but Disney will always be my favorite subject to write about.