7 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Walt Disney World

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I love visiting Walt Disney World and I credit that to having done research before my family arranged our vacation -before we left home. I am, by nature, a planner, but I like being spontaneous too and the key to that is still having an understanding of what is available in the park. Some of this I learned from reading blogs like this one, some to reading guidebooks from the library, listening to family and friends who visited before me, and of course reading the official Walt Disney World website. That helped me to choose the right affordable Disney resort for us to stay in. After that it was simply choosing restaurants we would all like and attractions that we all would enjoy. If I had not followed these tips I would have arrived and been overwhelmed by everything in front of me. If you don’t like to plan, choose someone in your party that does and is willing to do it. It will be worth it to your whole party to be on track to enjoy as much of Walt Disney World as possible

7. It is expensive

Be realistic about food costs. Bring snacks for your bags to eat while in line and eat a good lunch or dinner. You are permitted to bring food and beverages into the park, but not anything in a glass container and no alcohol. You can have a small cooler with ice.

6. Study your Guide Map and learn the lay of the land

When you need to find a bathroom quickly it is good to know how to locate it on the map quickly. Pick up a Times Guide with your Guide Map and it will tell you other important information such as park operating hours, times that restaurants are open, times for shows and other attraction information and the times and locations of the Disney characters too. Listen to the Cast Members and follow the signs and you will have a more enjoyable time.

5. There is a lot of walking and even though Florida is pretty flat, the parks are not

It is a good idea to hit the treadmill or a local park to start getting in shape for all the walking you will be doing at Walt Disney World. It really does keep the aching feet and tired legs at bay during your vacation. It gives you a good opportunity to break in those new sneakers you got for the trip. It is not a good idea to put on brand new sneakers to walk around on concrete all day. If you want to avoid blisters try wearing two pairs of socks, it works.

4. Look at the refurbishment schedule on the official Walt Disney World website

It will tell you what attractions will be closed and on what dates. January and February are slower times at the parks so many of the attractions close sometime during those months for annual refurbishment. If there is one you really want to ride schedule your vacation so that it is not down during your visit. Keep in mind that rides do break down; you will have to put up with that possibility any day you come. They do not usually stay down for the whole day or for several days in a row unless it is one of the scheduled refurb times.

3. Consider the weather when making your plans

Just because Walt Disney World is located in central Florida does not mean that it is always pleasant temperatures. In the spring/summer it gets quite hot and afternoon rainstorms are very common. In February it can be quite cool here and you will regret leaving a jacket and long pants back at home. It is more temperate, but WDW still experiences a spectrum of temperatures and weather conditions. Check the forecast before you pack.

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2. Stay hydrated

The number one reason Guests get ill in the park is usually because of dehydration. If you are thirsty you are already suffering from early dehydration. Walt Disney World has drink carts, drinking fountains, and such everywhere you are walking so it is easy to buy a drink. You can carry a water bottle in with you. They even have free water available for the asking at every counter service restaurant so there is no reason for you to get dehydrated. Make sure your children are drinking a lot too.

1. Visit the Walt Disney World official site

Or check out a guidebook from the Library to understand what the attractions are before you go. That saves you from standing in the park trying to figure out where you want to go next. Make a list of the attractions your party would like to visit and where you would like to eat, etc. This planning will pay off. It will enable you to see and do more things. Each guidebook has a different touring plan they recommend. If you know which attractions you want to experience you will be way ahead of the game before you arrive.

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Cassie L. I am a lifelong Disney fan. I attended Walt Disney World in 1971, and was there during the opening week of EPCOT, and have visited the Disney Parks for than 30 times. I have had the privilege of visiting Disneyland as a child, and then again with my children. My family recently moved from the northeastern United States to the Walt Disney World area. I now have cast members in my family and enjoy hearing the magical stories at the end of a shift. I love visiting all of the parks and getting to try more Disney food and being able to share it with you to help you plan your own magical day at Disney.