7 Things Walt Disney World Insiders Miss Most Between Visits

There’s a reason why Walt Disney World is often referred to as the happiest place on earth.  It stems from the incredible work that each Disney Cast Member and Imagineer put into making the parks inviting, exciting and magical for each and every guest.  Visiting Disney World can be an incredible experience that’s filled with joy and happiness, which often makes the trip home a difficult journey.  In between visits, while you’re at home, the memories of your time at Disney World will both put a smile on your face and get you excited to plan your next vacation there.  In remembering all of the wonderful things that Disney World has to offer, we have put together a list of the 7 things that Walt Disney World insiders miss the most between visits:

7. The Fun

Since everyone has a different sense of fun, the Disney Imagineers have worked hard to make sure there is something for each guest to enjoy.  If you want thrills, there are rides and attractions that will keep your adrenaline pumping and your heart racing.  If you prefer to relax, take in the sights and experience Disney at a slower pace, there are lots of things to see, tours to take and things to learn about the World around you.  Regardless of your pace, you can’t help but feel the happiness in the air as the guests around you are having just as much fun – where else can you feel that much excitement from all of the people around you?

6. Atmosphere

Disney has the wonderful, and accurate, reputation of being incredible storytellers, not only through the rides and attractions, but also in the details throughout the parks and resorts.  From the style of buildings to the tiniest finishing touches, the architectural designs are beautiful visuals that immediately transport you to the places you’re visiting.

In the Magic Kingdom, walking from Adventureland to Frontierland, you notice the buildings change around you, even the trees and plant-life change.  From Fantasyland to Tomorrowland, you move from magical fairytale-like settings to the futuristic world of tomorrow and you can tell just by the buildings that you have entered a new world.  The music playing in the background, in the queues and on the rides also subtly changes as you move throughout the parks.  All of the details combine to create this indescribable atmosphere that you just don’t experience anywhere else.

5. Rides/Attractions

Everyone has a favorite ride or attraction at Disney World and while you may miss that particular ride the most, all of the rides combined make for the thrilling experience of being at the parks. The twists and turns of Space Mountain, the flying through the air on a banshee on Avatar Flight of Passage, the sudden drops of The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and the bumpy ride of Dinosaur are a few of the incredible experiences you can have on the rides and attractions at Disney World. The magic of the rides goes far beyond the thrills since you are immersed in the storyline that each ride has to offer. No other park can compare to the depth and attention to detail of the rides at Disney.

4. Waving

As the happiest place on earth, you can’t help but notice the smiles on everyone’s faces. There is so much excitement and wonder to experience that most guests journey through the parks with wide eyes and giant grins. This happiness also emanates from the cast members at Disney World. A part of their joy includes waving at guests, making them feel welcome, like everyone is a life-long friend. Their care and kind hearts pass onto you and you may find that you can’t help but wave right back. Sometimes, you’ll find yourself waving on your own, from the rides themselves or really anywhere at Disney. It’s definitely one of the things you’ll miss in between visits, since it’s hard to get the same enthusiastic waving from strangers back at home.

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3. Food & Snacks

Since Disney World has some truly incredible restaurants, you’ll certainly develop a favorite (or two…or twelve). The experience of dining at Disney, at both quick service and table service restaurants, provides a memory to take with not only during your stay, but after you’ve returned home. Sharing a meal with your group, talking about the day’s favorite activities and planning what to do after your meal can be a really special time. There is always something for everyone in the way of restaurants, that you’re sure to find something you love and take that memory home with you.

On the snack side, the iconic snacks of Disney World are also must-dos while you’re visiting. In between trips, you can’t help but imagine having those snacks again. If you close your eyes, you can picture yourself holding a Dole Whip, taking the first bite of a Coconut Patty or a Cake Pop and you’re instantly reminded of the feeling of being back at Disney. To keep that feeling going, make sure you purchase your favorite snack for the trip home, or bring a few to enjoy at home as well.

2. Fireworks

Since most guests don’t regularly experience nightly fireworks at home, the fireworks at Disney World are one of the things you’ll find you miss the most. With the magnificent music playing underneath, the visual grandeur of the fireworks always puts a smile on your face. Whether it’s the fireworks of the finale for Fantasmic or the opening show at Magic Kingdom, there are always incredible memories that will last long after you leave Disney World. The truly awe-inspiring fireworks displays of Happily Ever After and Epcot Forever just can’t be topped as there’s something so magical about the way these fireworks can move you – they are thrilling, wonderful and always spectacular.

1. Magic

It’s the extra-special ingredient that makes Disney World the happiest place on earth. The magic is in everything around you, from the smallest details to the biggest thrills and it’s the only word to describe the way that you feel when you’re there. It’s hard to describe to friends and family who haven’t gone, but the magic is what keeps guests coming back again and again. There are so many experiences to have and so many memories to make for each and every guest. And while everyone may leave with a different and unique favorite memory, one thing that everyone can agree on is the fact that it’s a truly magical experience that you only get while visiting Disney World.

What do you miss most in between visits to Disney World? Let us know in the comments!

About Ryan Miller

Ryan loves all things Disney: from the smallest details to the biggest surprises and all of the magic in between. He loves the fireworks of Wishes, the thrill of Tower of Terror and of course, the dining at Disney Restaurants. As of yet, however, he has been unable to replicate his favourite dishes and snacks at home. In between trips, you can usually find him reading about the history of the parks and attractions when he’s not at work for his local public library in Burlington Ontario. Ryan’s favourite Disney moment was proposing in front of Cinderella’s Castle to his (now) fiancée, Lauren.