7 Things Walt Disney World Insiders Love About Free Dining

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It is hard to imagine Walt Disney World without thinking about all of the wonderful food options that are offered. If you can’t find something great to eat at Disney, you simply are not looking. The Disney Dining Plan is a great way to enjoy options you might not have given consideration before. If you keep your eyes peeled for promotions, you could land a FREE dining promotion. This is definitely an Insider favorite. Below you will find some things that Insiders love about the Dining Plan, especially when it is FREE!

7. Everyone gets a FREE Rapid Fill Mug

Everyone loves the Rapid Fill Mugs! These are mugs that you can use at any resort at the fountain drink area. You can refill these mugs as much as you would like for the length of your stay. If you are on the dining plan and have reservations at a resort, make sure you throw those mugs in your backpack. After you enjoy your delicious meal, be sure to stop by the resort food court and fill your mug before heading back to your favorite park. If you utilize this tip, you can help save your snack credits for something special. Insiders will tell you not to waste your snack credits on drinks in the park. This is an easy way to prevent you from making impulsive choices when you are thirsty!

6. Lower Crowd Levels

Let’s be honest, the days of a Disney Park being empty are pretty much gone. With that being said, there are definitely times the crowd is smaller at Walt Disney World. Typically Disney will offer a promotion like Free Dining during those times. Disney wants to fill the parks up as much as they can during off peak times and Free Dining is a great way to entice people to plan their vacation during these slower times. This is a win-win! Guests get great free food and lower crowd levels in the parks!


5. Try New Things

If you are on the Disney Dining Plan you can try things that normally you would have passed up. While in Magic Kingdom grab a Dole Whip, devour a delicious cupcake for dessert or enjoy a funnel cake while in Hollywood Studios. I am not saying that one wouldn’t get these things anyway but knowing you don’t have to pay out of pocket and budget for these treats make them a little more enjoyable.

4. Huge Savings

Who doesn’t like to save money when planning a vacation? Free dining can free up funds to make some other memories. Perhaps you can take a behind the scenes tour with your normal dining budget. If you are taking a little princess, perhaps you take her to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique or if you are taking a little prince, maybe he would like to have a pirate makeover at the Pirates League. Disney’s Photo Pass allows you to take memories home and it is always nice to have pictures of your memories! With the budget for meals eliminated, you can afford to splurge a bit in some other places.

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3. Snacks As Desserts

Guests can always pick which Dining Plan is best for them. There are several different Dining Plan options depending on which resort level you are staying in. If you receive Free Dining and stay at a Value or Modeate Resort you will get Free Quick Service Dining and Deluxe Resorts get Deluxe Dining. You can always upgrade to Premium or Platinum for a fee. While dessert is not included with all of the plans any longer you can still make snacks work for desserts! Especially if you get them to sit and wait for a show or fireworks.

2. Double Your Upgrade

This is another great use of the money you are saving by not having to spend money on your meals. As mentioned above, you receive a different dining package depending on which level resort you make your reservations at. You definitely have the potential to do a double upgrade. If you are planning on staying at a value resort, use the money you are saving on dining and upgrade to a moderate. You will automatically be upgraded to the regular dining plan! Keep in mind you can always upgrade your “Free” dining plan by paying the difference in plans.

1. Never Pull Your Wallet Out At A Meal

Okay, so you may still have to pull out your wallet (or swipe your Magic Band) for gratuity. My point there is a great peace of mind to know you are not swiping your credit card or debit card at every meal. Also, you won’t have to worry about a frighteningly large balance at checkout from charging meals to your room. Having your meals pre-paid or free if you are fortunate enough to get the promotion is a fantastic perk that Insiders LOVE!

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