7 Things Walt Disney World Insiders Love About Character Dining

One of the biggest components to planning any Disney vacation is planning your meals. Everyone has to eat, right? While the food is top notch at Disney World, sometimes the food is not the main course! Every Disney enthusiast has a special place in their heart for Disney Characters. While there are many opportunities to have magical experiences at Disney World, there are not many memories that are more magical than watching a child eat their first (or 7th) Mickey Waffle and meet the Mouse himself at the same time. Disney Insiders proclaim that there is nothing better than combining visiting with their favorite character and devouring a delicious meal! If you are planning a trip to Walt Disney World and you are asking yourself if you should book a Character Dining Experience, here you will find 7 reasons Disney Enthusiasts say it’s a must!

7. Special Family Photo

Before you are seated for your meal, you will have an opportunity to take a special family photo with a Disney icon. For example, at Tusker House Restaurant in Animal Kingdom, you will stand in front of an intricately detailed wall of African masks. Before your meal at Chef Mickey’s, everyone will squeeze in with a statue of Chef Mickey himself. These photos will be great additions to your albums or scrapbooks.

6. Character Interaction

Multiple characters will take turns visiting your table one at a time. This is a great opportunity for extra hugs, autographs, photos and even a game of peek a boo! This is a great time to explain to a character why they are your favorite. Play peek-a-boo with Pluto and his ears, cross your arms and catch a little attitude with Donald Duck, or dance with Goofy!

5. Extra Time with the Characters

While the characters go to each and every table, you will not feel rushed. Sometimes when you meet a character at the park it can feel like you are being hurried along in an assembly line fashion. This is not the experience you will have at a Character Meal. If you want everyone in your party to have an individual photo with Minnie, that’s absolutely okay. This is part of the experience, ENJOY IT!

4. Multiple Opportunities to Get the Photo You Want

In the excitement of meeting your favorite character, sometimes it can be difficult to get the perfect smile, everyone to look at the camera at the same time, or make sure that eyes are not closed in the picture. If for some reason you miss your shot, you will have another opportunity. The characters will circle the restaurant multiple times. This also allows you to go make your plate if you are at a buffet without fear of missing someone. If the meal is ending and you did not get to see everyone or you realize that your character photograph didn’t turn out so well, simply let a cast member know and the character will come to your table before you leave.

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3. Different Character Outfits

It is super cool to see your favorite characters it different threads! At Chef Mickey’s, all of the characters will be in their restaurant attire. If you want a little island flare, you may want to try O’hana at breakfast where you will find Lilo, Stitch, and friends in their Hawaiian gear. You can also plan your outfits accordingly to match your new friends at the meal. Your little princess may not be comfortable at the parks all day in her dress but she could wear her dress to Cinderella’s Royal Table to dine in and for her photograph and change into something more comfortable afterwards.

2. Children (and Adults) are Busy While They Wait

Face it, other than looking for hidden mickeys or people watching, there just really isn’t much for children (or adults) to do while they are in the queue waiting to meet their favorite characters. Meeting the Characters in the park is fun, but also can be hot and tiring. You are outside in the Florida heat, standing in what can be a very long queue. Character Dining will allow your party to start eating while they are waiting for the characters to visit your table! This distracts the little ones and makes the wait seem so much more pleasant for children and adults alike. Not to mention, your feet get some respite!

1. Skip the Lines… No Fast Pass Needed!!

The one thing everyone wishes they could have at Disney World is more time. If you only meet the Characters at the park you will spend a great deal of your vacation in line or worse…you may miss your favorite character! Plan your Character Meals and give yourself the gift of time. Sure, you can book your Fast Passes for characters, but the best use for Fast Passes would definitely be the rides such as The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, or Rockin’ Roller Coaster! Be an expert on your vacation, skip the line for the characters and book your Character Dining Experience today!


About Brandon Blanchard

Brandon Blanchard has been married for 14 years and has 5 children. All 7 Blanchards are infatuated with Disney World! Their Disney Infatuation started after his wife, Esme, convinced him to take their then four children (7 and under) to Disney in December of 2010. She had grown up going to Disney and wanted her own children to experience the magic! He told her that they could go once, but he didn't know why on earth he needed to use a whole week of his vacation time. There were only 4 parks! After walking down Main Street for the first time, Brandon looked at his wife and he started the next sentence with the most magical four words: “When we come back…” Disney World has become their happy place and can make everything right! After a series of corporate relocations, Brandon jumped on one that would move his family to Central Florida permanently in 2015. Professionally, Brandon is a manager for a Technical Support Company. Esme homeschools their 5 children who think it is SO COOL that they have the freedom and flexibility to visit theme parks weekly!