7 Things Disney Insiders Love About Walt Disney World Refillable Mugs

There are many trinkets, souvenirs, and collectables that you can pick up at Walt Disney World. Many of these items will hold a special place in your heart for many years to come. There is one that you will use constantly while you are on vacation. Some may use it even more when they get home from vacation! You can visit any park at Walt Disney World and it won’t be long before you will start seeing the very popular Walt Disney World Rapid Fill Mugs. Once you finish reading this article it will be easy to see why these mugs are must haves for every Disney Insider!

 7. Unlimited Refills at Any Resort

That’s right UNLIMITED REFILLS at any resort. It is very freeing to know each and every time you get thirsty you won’t have to swipe your credit card, pull out some cash, or charge your drink to your room. This makes it effortless to use your Rapid Fill Mug at least three times each day.

6. Disney Dining Plan Bonus

Everyone loves the different snack options you are able indulge in when you have The Disney Dining plan. The Dining Plan allows you to choose a drink with every meal entitlement. If you are eating at a quick service cafeteria in a­­­ resort, pick up a bottled drink. You already have your refillable mug!!! Use your mug at the food court for your beverage and take your bottled drink into the park for later. This prevents you from using your snack credits for drinks. Instead,­­ ­­­­­­ you can use them for yummy funnel cakes, Mickey Ice Cream Bars, or even a Dole Whip. This is a much more economically savvy way of using a snack credit as these snack options are more expensive than a drink.

5. Late night refill on the way back to your room

There is nothing better than a pleasantly refreshing drink after a long day at the park. When you arrive back at your resort, using your favorite method of Disney transportation, swing through the food court on the way to your room and snag another refill. If you are the type that needs a drink by your bed side at night, this is a fantastic option.

4. Awesome Souvenir

Everyone loves souvenirs. Rapid Fill Mugs make some of the best souvenirs. We rotate through our collection regularly. They are great mugs for your morning coffee or hot chocolate. These mugs are also great reminders of your trip and will soon have your planning your next trip to the most magical place on earth!

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3. Refill on your way to the park

Even if you are not eating breakfast at your resort, it is a good idea to fill your mug before you go to the park. This will help get your day off on the right track. It is super important to stay hydrated, especially at Walt Disney World. It can be sweltering, even in the morning. When you are done with your drink you can rinse your mug and throw it in your back pack. While you can’t refill your mug in the parks with any beverage you like, you can get it filled with ice water for no charge. While ice water is free at any counter service restaurant, the mugs are bigger than the small cup you typically get for free.

2. They change often and are collectible

The designs of the Refillable Mugs change through the years. The designs are always adorable­­­ and they have different color lids and handles. If you open our­­­­­­­ cabinet it would appear we use these refillable mugs for our everyday drinkware. Many Insiders feel like they have to have every one that Disney releases. There are some that are more winter themed, then they have some that are summer themed with characters by the pool. Most recently the design shows your favorite characters on the way to the most magical place on Earth!

1. Save Money to Spend on an Extra Experience

While the initial cost of $19.99 per mug may sound costly, consider how much you will spend on beverages during your stay. Fountain drinks are about $3.50 at the resort food courts. If you are staying at a Disney Resort for 5 nights and bought a drink from the food court three times a day that would be about $53 for one person. This figure is just counting your drinks at the resort. This savings could perhaps be applied special table service meal, use the extra money on Memory Maker, Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique or other souvenirs. I’m sure you will be able to find something to make even more magical memories!

About Brandon Blanchard

Brandon Blanchard has been married for 14 years and has 5 children. All 7 Blanchards are infatuated with Disney World! Their Disney Infatuation started after his wife, Esme, convinced him to take their then four children (7 and under) to Disney in December of 2010. She had grown up going to Disney and wanted her own children to experience the magic! He told her that they could go once, but he didn't know why on earth he needed to use a whole week of his vacation time. There were only 4 parks! After walking down Main Street for the first time, Brandon looked at his wife and he started the next sentence with the most magical four words: “When we come back…” Disney World has become their happy place and can make everything right! After a series of corporate relocations, Brandon jumped on one that would move his family to Central Florida permanently in 2015. Professionally, Brandon is a manager for a Technical Support Company. Esme homeschools their 5 children who think it is SO COOL that they have the freedom and flexibility to visit theme parks weekly!