7 Reasons to Attend Epcot’s Festival of the Arts at Walt Disney World

EPCOT in Walt Disney World is home to some of the best festivals you will find anywhere in the country. They truly have something for everyone. Since 1995, guests who travel to EPCOT in the late summer and fall months can attend the Food and Wine Festival. This is probably the most attended and celebrated festival of all of the events they have to offer. It draws people from all over the world who are looking to try and appreciate the finest selections of small plates and alcoholic beverages you will find on our seven continents. If you have traveled to EPCOT in the spring chances are you got to attend the Flower and Garden Festival. First introduced in 1994, this event truly embodies the feeling of spring. There are gorgeous topiaries and outdoor kitchens as well as a concert series like all of their festivals. These two are the most well known and for good reason, like all things Disney does they have done these to perfection and should be on every Disney fan’s bucket list.

The newest festival and perhaps the one we know the least about is the Festival of the Arts. First introduced in 2017, this newer addition to the park is something truly magical. For those of us who prefer to travel to Walt Disney World when the weather is a little more temperate in the winter months get to enjoy this brand new experience. The events and seminars they have to offer are so diverse and span so many of the arts that it’s impossible not to find something you will enjoy. Festival of the Arts is the ultimate celebration of food, art, and entertainment which are truly the most enjoyable things in life. If you haven’t yet attended this newcomer to the lineup here are some reasons why you should consider it.

Disney on Broadway Concert Series

Have you ever dreamed of seeing a Disney musical performed live on stage on Broadway? Well now you will get  to have a similar experience while being able to skip the hustle and bustle of NYC as well as the insanely high ticket prices. Every two weeks EPCOT will welcome different pairs of  Disney on Broadway stars to perform some of the songs they helped make famous as well as other show-tunes. The performances are held at the America Gardens Theater. You can also add a dining package with many of the nearby eateries to get priority seating access. Whether you prefer to include dinner with your show or just stroll on up and grab a seat, it is definitely be an experience to remember.

Food Studios Booths

Much like the Food and Wine Festival, as you wander World Showcase you will see booths set up in between the year round countries. These booths celebrate the culinary arts and if you are a foodie or aspire to be one then these are for you. These standalone marketplace venues each offer something different while focusing on the art of food presentation. Guests can truly appreciate both the attention to beauty and the incredible taste that goes into these unique dishes.

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See the Visions of Disney Artists

As fans of all things Disney related there is no doubt that the art we have seen in their movies, parks, and attractions has captured our hearts for decades. At this festival you will be able to see all of that magic condensed into one place. As you wander around you will be able to stroll through several galleries and spaces showcasing the art that inspired all the magic. Being able to appreciate all of the images that have made you fall in love with Disney at your own pace is amazing. What is even better is being able to see the inspiration behind the artists that have made all of your dreams come true.

Seminars and Classes

Anytime you travel anywhere you create life lasting memories, whether it is through new experiences or seeing new things these moments are sure to stay with you. That being said, why not learn something new while making memories? Vacation and education go hand in hand at this festival. For arts enthusiasts there are several classes, seminars, and premium experiences to broaden your knowledge that you can’t experience anywhere else. Can you imagine attending talks with actual Disney artists and illustrators while they give you tips? Can you imagine attending professional workshops where you learn creative techniques that Disney uses in their parks? How about taking an actual drawing class with a Disney illustrator? These are all things you can experience at Festival of the Arts. You can finally feel what it’s like to be “part of the magic” even if it’s only for a day.

Rare Photo Opportunities

One of the many things that makes Disney stand out from other vacation destinations is the photo opportunities they have. If you have traveled to the property before or searched it anywhere on the internet you have probably seen some amazing photopass shots. You can take a picture holding a lantern from Tangled, a picture holding Remy at Food and Wine, or posing in Pandora with some Avatar magic. Every festival at EPCOT offers some unique photos that you can’t get any other time of the year. If you want to add a little extra magic into your vacation photos that you can’t experience in any other season then be sure to stop at every magic shot location at Festival of the Arts.

Festival Merchandise

Every time Disney celebrates a special event, whether it be an anniversary, holiday, or festival there is specific merchandise sold that won’t be available any other time of the year. It is commemorative and special. It will be a piece that will make you forever remember the amazing trip you had and will bring a smile to your face everytime you see it. The Festival of the Arts will have some amazing merchandise that you won’t see everywhere since it is the youngest of EPCOT’s festivals. You won’t be carrying the same Food and Wine tote that you see on tons of other Disney enthusiasts. You will have something truly unique that only people who have appreciated the festival since 2017 will understand. So if you want to get in on the bottom floor of festival merchandise that no one else has then this is your chance.

Edible Art

Since this festival focuses heavily on presentational beauty and culinary artistry you are able to actually eat the art! Yes, there are a few locations in the park where you are able to create beautiful and delicious snacks and eat all of your materials. If this isn’t living the dream I don’t know what is. If I can create a beautiful dessert that I am proud of and then devour it then it’s well worth the cost of park admission.

Of course the best reason of them all to attend this festival is to bond with your family and broaden your horizons. It is such an interesting array of topics to experience solo or with others. While this festival may still be in its early years it sure will have staying power in EPCOT with all that it has to offer. Do you plan on attending this year? What are you looking forward to learning about?

About Kelly Osterman

Kelly has been obsessed with all things Disney since her first trip at 4 years old. It's been over 30 years now and that passion has only grown. Kelly is an accomplished liquor industry employee for 13 years including things such as bartending, promotions, consulting in new openings and is also a published recipe writer. She lives on the Jersey shore and while she's not local she still visits several times a year because she wants her family to "grow up Disney" as she has herself. After 60 plus trips to Walt Disney World she always tries to make each experience different both for her children and herself. Her motto is "it's for the kids but the adults should have a little fun too".