7 Hidden Secrets in Toy Story Land at Walt Disney World

Photo Credit: Disney

 Toy Story Land puts you right into Andy’s backyard, shrinking you down to the size of a toy. From the moment you walk in, you are considered an honorary toy of Andy’s. This immersive experience has lots to see. While it may be overwhelming taking it all in, don’t miss these seven hidden secrets in Toy Story Land!

7. Alien Swirling Saucers Soundtrack

Listen closely when riding Alien Swirling Saucers. While it may feel like you’re in a club listening to techno-style electric music and watching flashing lights, you are actually listening to a rendition of actual Toy Story soundtrack classics. Ten original compositions were created specifically for this ride, all based on the themes from the Toy Story films in a fun, whimsical electro style.

Photo Credit: Disney

6. Rex’s Toy Box

As you depart the station to begin your ride on Slinky Dog Dash, look to the left. You will see Rex’s original Toy Box. We know Rex as a very nervous, insecure character in the movies. However, it appears that his manufacturer had other intentions for Rex. The artists rendition on the box shows Rex as being a much more fierce tyrannosaurus! The description on the box reads things such as “The most feared dinosaur of the Crustaceous Period.” and “One of the largest carnivores with an enormous jaw…”. Be sure to note Rex’s original price tag, $19.95. This is a nod to the year 1995 when Toy Story hit theaters for the first time.

5. Andy’s Lunch Box

In the first Toy Story movie, Andy gets a lunch box for his birthday. In Toy Story Land, Andy’s Lunch Box is used as a quick-serve restaurant for park goers and is full of detail. The lid, which is used as a canopy while ordering, is propped up by a gigantic thermos. Look up while standing underneath it. You’ll see the impression of the metal stamping from the image on the front, only backwards as it would be in real life. The cashier stands are references to Lotso and Trixie in Toy Story 3. If you happen to order a Lunch Box Tart for dessert you might notice it resembles real pop-tarts, the only food that could tear Sid away from mutilating his toys!


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4. Wheezy, the Squeaky Penguin

Take a ride on Slinky Dog Dash. As you finish the bunny hills on the second part of the ride and arrive back at the station you’ll hear the familiar tune “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” by Randy Newman. As you orient yourself look to the right before entering into the unloading station. You’ll see Wheezy, the Squeaky Penguin signing this song into a microphone with a giant songbook in the background. It is a reprise of the same number he performed at the end of Toy Story 2, after his squeaker was repaired.

3. Slinky Dog Dash Backstory 

Many new lands and rides at Walt Disney World open with a backstory. The backstory helps us connect certain themes and storylines to our experience with attractions. This family roller coaster ride is thrilling for guests. The train is designed to resemble Slinky Dog, the beloved character from the movies. However, this attraction was also based on Andy’s imagination. Andy used his Dodge & Dash Mega Coaster kit to build the ride. While making your way through the queue have a look at Andy’s hand-drawn plans for this creation. It appears to be drawn in crayon on notebook paper. You might even spot one of Andy’s other toys in his design.

Photo Credit: Disney

2. Real Life Toys

One of my favorite parts of this new land is the use of real life toys. The fences look like they are made from K’nex. The benches appear to be designed from Lincoln Logs. And don’t be surprised if the lamp posts strongly resemble classic Tinker Toys. A working Mr. Potato head is back in the queue inside Toy Story Mania much to the delight of guests. In addition, you’ll find both Uno and regular playing cards, scrabble tiles, Crayola chalk, building blocks, and so much more. Don’t rush past these details. Slow down and take your time. Details such as these bring a certain nostalgia for those of us up grew up playing with these toys.

1. Characters Hidden in Plain Sight

As you round the corner and begin making your way into Toy Story Land it’s pretty hard not to miss Andy greeting you at the entrance. Walk a bit further and you might see a meet and greet with Buzz Lighyear to your right. But did you know there are many Toy Story characters placed throughout this land? Look above Slinky Dog Dash where you’ll see Jessie and Rex climbing on top of blocks and Jenga pieces to string lights above the track. When in the outdoor queue for Toy Story Mania, notice Bo Peep. She’s lost her sheep and it’s up to you to find them. Even Mr. Pricklepants shows up in two different locations. Be on the look out. There are other characters to be found too!

Have you experienced Toy Story land? Which of these secrets did you already know? Do you know more? Share them with us and be sure to share this article and more with your friends!

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