7 False Facts About Walt Disney World and Cast Members

7. Cast Members are connected with ear pieces so they all know everything that is going on in the whole park at all times

They are human, and the average Cast Member does not know what is going on at other attractions and certainly not the whole resort area. They are not all connected with ear pieces either. They can communicate when they need to with security, managers, etc., through radios. If you have a question ask a Cast Member and they will do their best to find out the answer or at least tell you the only place that could answer your question.

6. Many Guests believe nothing bad can happen to them at Disney 

This one is just silly, but you see things every day that is evidence they believe this and you can even hear this idea spoken just as often. Just look at how many vehicles stop to take photos at the area that has flashing lights and multiple signs telling Guests not to stop their vehicles. Unfortunately, I have seen multiple car wrecks just below the “Where Dreams Come True” sign bends over the entry road where some people’s dreams were ruined because a car decided to stop suddenly to take a photo. Or the guy who crosses over 4 lanes without looking when approaching the parking lot booth or at Disney Springs? Propping their small children up on a wall; standing up on a ride where they are instructed to stay seated; get out of a ride vehicle while it is moving; staying hydrated by drinking soda, beer, juice but not water; not using sunscreen, driving with their lights off at night, etc. This is still a real place that has real dangers. I love being surrounded by Disney magic at the parks and resorts, but never make the mistake of thinking nothing bad can happen to you here.

5. They can’t stand in line

It is not the end of the world to stand in a line at Walt Disney World. It would be nice to have more FastPass+, I agree. But the lines at WDW are not that bad. Some of them are actually fun to stand in and I deliberately don’t get FP+ for them because the interactive parts are only on the standby side. Use the time in line to reconnect with your family or friends. If you hate lines, take advantage of being able to ride during parades or fireworks and get the best FP+ you can.

4. The cast members have to give them whatever they want 

If you ask a Cast Member for something nicely, that is reasonable, they will do what they can to make that happen for you. Don’t be rude to your “hosts”. They are not slaves or robots, they want you to have a great time and will do their best to help you. At the same time, there are just some things they cannot do. Don’t ask them to do something that is impossible, like accept your FP+ an hour early, they just cannot. Don’t ask for your child to ride when they do not meet the height requirement, CM’s don’t want injuries to your child’s internal organs and neither should you. Just plan on coming back when they can meet the requirement and ride when they are a little older.

3. Everything is haunted 

This idea has been around for a long time. Some people like this idea, and some are pretty creeped out by it. There has been a rumor that Pirates of the Caribbean, Splash Mountain and Haunted Mansion in particular have ghostly activity overnight. For some people, they are convinced this is totally true. For the less sensitive don’t give it another thought.

2. Walt is cryogenically preserved on Disney property

Walt passed away and has been buried in a private grave with a headstone, next to his wife in California. Rest in peace Walter Elias Disney.

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1. Posted wait times are accurate and if they aren’t you can be compensated for it 

Posted times are an estimation and are not always accurate. They are definitely not a guarantee. Just because you may wait a little longer than the posted wait time don’t expect to get a FastPass+ or free popcorn. These are highly technical rides and may suffer some down times that are not foreseeable. Sometimes the wait times are longer because people are slow getting on or off the ride, someone stands up or exits the vehicle while the ride is moving, or maybe someone gets sick on a vehicle it needs to be taken out of rotation to be cleaned. It is not the Cast Members’ fault that you had to wait longer than you wanted to.

About Cassie

Cassie L. I am a lifelong Disney fan. I attended Walt Disney World in 1971, and was there during the opening week of EPCOT, and have visited the Disney Parks for than 30 times. I have had the privilege of visiting Disneyland as a child, and then again with my children. My family recently moved from the northeastern United States to the Walt Disney World area. I now have cast members in my family and enjoy hearing the magical stories at the end of a shift. I love visiting all of the parks and getting to try more Disney food and being able to share it with you to help you plan your own magical day at Disney.