7 Most Beautiful Sights at Walt Disney World’s Epcot

Since its opening in 1982, Epcot has been taking guests on a tour of future technologies in Future World and providing an opportunity to experience incredible culture in the World Showcase. The fusion of two areas makes Epcot a wonderful space for innovation as guests are treated to detailed and culturally accurate architecture as well as forward-thinking design of buildings housing attractions, stores and research facilities.

Throughout the park, there are many things to experience, but there are also a ton of wonderful sights to see and explore. From the entrance all the way to the back of the World Showcase, Epcot is filled with some of the most beautiful sights in all of Walt Disney World. While every guest has a different favorite feature, we have put together a list of 7 fan-favorite sights to see at Epcot.

7. Moroccan Mosaics

As the only pavilion to be sponsored entirely by the country, Morocco has a high level of attention to detail in everything from the smallest artistry to the architecture of the buildings. King Hassan II took a personal interest in the development of the pavilion and sent his own craftsmen to create the carvings and paintings that appear throughout. He also sent artists to tile the beautiful mosaics in the pavilion. These mosaics have an intricate abstract pattern of geometric shapes and are stunning pieces of art. While they appear perfect, each mosaic is actually intentionally flawed due to religious beliefs.

6. Japanese Architecture

The Japanese Pavilion is filled with architectural gems throughout the space, inviting guests to experience the culture and learn some of the history of Japan. In front of the pavilion, out in the waters of the World Showcase Lagoon, a large red Torii gate welcomes guests. The Torii gate would traditionally welcome people to a Shinto Shrine in Japan, but at Epcot, serves as a brilliant marker for the pavilion.

Inside the pavilion, guests are greeted by the 5-level Goju-no-to pagoda with blue roofs representing the 5 elements from which Buddhists believe all things are created from: earth, water, fire, wind and sky. The Mitsukoshi department store is housed inside a building designed to look like the coronation and ceremonial halls of Japan’s Imperial Palace. All of the architecture combines with the lush Japanese maples, bamboo and other greenery to make this one of the most picture-perfect locations in Epcot.

5. Canadian Gardens

Tucked in behind the Hotel du Canada, the gardens of the Canadian Pavilion are an attraction that many guests can walk by without noticing them towards the back end of the space. Guests exiting the O Canada Circle-Vision 360 movie will walk right into the gardens, while others can access it on the pathway to Le Cellier. The gardens are one of the largest manicured gardens on Disney Property. Housing a beautiful blend of plantlife from all across Canada, the gardens feature huge maple trees, over 150 rose bushes and even a 30-foot tall waterfall to make this space serene and quiet. With plenty to see, it’s a perfect spot to take a break during your busy day at the park and take in the magnificent scenery.

4. Living With The Land Greenhouses

There’s something incredibly calming about the Living With The Land boat ride through the Land Pavilion Greenhouses. It could be the extra oxygen coming from all the plants inside, but it could also be the fact that everything inside is cared for by a team of dedicated horticultural researchers. Discovering all of the growing techniques they use to produce food served in several Disney restaurants, the gentle boat ride offers some remarkable things to see along the journey. Whether it’s the rows of hydroponics, the tomatoes growing on trellises or even the nine-pound lemon, the greenhouses are beautifully organized making for a great opportunity to relax and take in all the sights.

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3. The Seas

The Seas with Nemo and Friends is a popular attraction for guests to get a quick glimpse of the amazing aquatic life inside one of the largest saltwater aquariums in the world. Inside are some of the most beautiful coral reefs playing home to more than 8,000 aquatic animals including everything from clownfish and sea turtles to sharks, dolphins and manatees. After the ride, hanging around in the pavilion will give you a chance to visit the tanks up close and see a wider view of everything inside. This incredible habitat creates a balanced ecosystem with so many creatures living in harmony with one another.

2. Spaceship Earth

As the central icon of Epcot, Spaceship Earth is a perfect symbol of what the park represents. It’s a forward-thinking design that houses an attraction celebrating the past, how far we’ve come and where we are going in the future. The enormous geosphere draws the attention of guests as they arrive, but never looks out of place. The over 11,000 panels on the outer surface of Spaceship Earth reflect the perfect amount of sunlight to make it appear bright during the day, and also provide a canvas for color to be projected on it at night. Spaceship Earth could leave any guest in awe as they stand in its shadow and take in the beautiful design.

1. IllumiNations

One of the best ways to end your night at Epcot is to find a spot to sit or stand around the World Showcase Lagoon to take in IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth. The nightly show takes place on the water, featuring an Earth globe covered in 15,000 LEDs displaying video from around the world. Over 1,100 fireworks are used each night in this 13 minute spectacular. Lasers, flames, fireworks and an epic musical score combine to tell the story of Earth in three parts. Guests who watch IllumiNations are blown away by the intricate way all of the elements are woven together to produce such an amazing display. You can focus on one element or stand back and take in the whole spectacular – either way, IllumiNations is easily one of the most beautiful sights to see at Epcot.

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