7 Awesome Tips To Make The Most Of Shopping At Walt Disney World

Guests who enjoy a Walt Disney World vacation head home with countless memories to last a lifetime. From silly photos taken together to classic interactions with characters in the parks, every guest has memories from a Disney vacation. In addition to cherished moments, guests can also bring home the perfect gift or souvenir to help commemorate their trip. Throughout Walt Disney World there are countless places to go shopping and find unique and interesting items, and guests love perusing all of the amazing Disney merchandise. While shopping in Disney is always enjoyable, there are some ways to make the experience even more perfect including ways to save time and money. Here are seven awesome tips to make the most of shopping in Walt Disney World.

7. Visit Disney Springs

There is no better place to shop in all of Walt Disney World than Disney Springs. The location is full of restaurants, shops, and entertainment and can easily fill hours of guests’ time on a Disney vacation. Guests who visit Disney Springs are sure to find the perfect items to bring home in stores like The World of Disney (which is the largest Disney Store in the world!), Once Upon A Toy, the Co-Op Marketplace, and Disney’s Days of Christmas. The Marketplace may hold the most Disney-themed items, but you’ll still want to stroll through Town Center for the latest trends in shopping!

6. Make A List Before Buying

With so many places to shop and items to buy, sometimes guests can get a little carried away and end up being in shock once they are home and receive their bill. A great way to avoid overspending is to look around in stores over the first few days of a Disney vacation and compile a list of desired items. Then guests can consult their list and decide which things they absolutely have to bring home and which can maybe be bypassed for another trip. This is a smart way to shop and can help keep things in perspective on a vacation.

5. Use A Disney Visa Card

Guests who have a Disney Visa credit card should definitely bring it with them on their Walt Disney World vacations. Not only does using the card accrue points which can then be applied to a Disney vacation, there are also special discounts offered exclusively to card members. Specific stores throughout Walt Disney World offer 10% off a purchase when guests spend a specific amount and pay with their Disney Visa cards. Using the card is a great way to save a few dollars on vacation!

4. Shop At Off Times

While shopping in Walt Disney World is enjoyable, sometimes the stores can be so crowded that it is overwhelming and not enjoyable at all. Guests should make sure to avoid the stores at peak times like the Emporium in the Magic Kingdom after a parade or Wishes Nighttime Spectacular. By shopping during off times like meal times and early in the morning, guests can avoid the crowds and shop with ease.

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3. Know Where To Find Things

A great way to make the most out of shopping in Walt Disney World is to have an idea of where to shop for specific things. For example, guests who are looking to purchase jewelry or upscale bags should head to Uptown Jewelers on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom and guests who are looking for Christmas ornaments should browse Disney’s Days of Christmas in Disney Springs or Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe in the Magic Kingdom’s Liberty Square. By knowing where specific items can be found, guests can save a lot of time wandering through various stores trying to locate one specific item.

2. Visit Attraction Stores

Some of the best places to find unique and interesting souvenirs in Walt Disney World are the stores which are associated with attractions. The best example of an attraction specific store is Memento Mori in the Magic Kingdom’s Liberty Square located across the way from the Haunted Mansion. The store sells countless items specifically related to the attraction including clothing with characters, jewelry, accessories, and art work. Guests who have a favorite attraction or character definitely should check out these kinds of stores!

1. Take Advantage Of Free Shipping To Disney Resorts

Guests who stay on property at a Disney Resort have exclusive access to a service which makes life a lot easier when exploring the parks and shopping. Guests can opt to have their packages sent directly back to their Disney Resort instead of having to carry them around until returning to their room later that day. Guests fill out a simple form with their information and room number and simply go to a specific shopping location at their Disney Resort the following day to pick up their items. Aside from the day before departing Walt Disney World, this service can be used an unlimited amount of times and is a great perk of guests staying on property at a Disney Resort!

About Caitlin Kane

Caitlin Kane has been visiting Walt Disney World since she was a child and has developed a deep love and appreciation of the Disney Parks with a particular interest in the small details and history that can be found all around. Visiting every chance she gets, Caitlin loves to enjoy the ambiance of the Disney Parks and try something new every time. She can often be found eating and drinking her way through the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival, riding the Haunted Mansion, sipping on a Lapu Lapu, pretending Illuminations: Reflections of Earth was still in existence, and enjoying seeing the magic through the eyes of her children. When not in WDW, Caitlin can be found at home in New York dreaming of a ride on Living with the Land and counting down the days until her next trip.