6 Tips and Tricks for Fantasmic

6. Go to the second show if possible.

The second performance of Fantasmic is generally less crowded than the first. This fact is important because it means you’ll be able to arrive slightly later, leaving you with some extra time for other attractions before the show starts. A less crowded performance also means that you’ll have more options available for where you’d like to sit.


5. Arrive early, especially if you’re going to the first show.

Fantasmic fills to standing room during many performances, so it is important to get inside and get a seat early if seeing the show is a priority during your vacation. Cast Members generally start allowing guests inside an hour and a half prior to the first show. Don’t want to hang out at the Hollywood Hills Amphitheater for that long with nothing to do? Why not bring dinner in with you? Many outdoor venues at Walt Disney World, including Fantasmic, allow guests to bring food and drinks inside. You can easily make the most out of your time by bringing dinner in with you while you wait for the first show. (Just remember to throw away your trash on the way out of course!)

4. Choose a seat towards the back or the front.

My personal preference during Fantasmic is to sit towards the back of the theater. The stadium style seating means that you won’t have heads in front of you, and I prefer the view from the upper portion as it allows you to see the entire show unfold without focusing on a couple of small details alone. The front is also a good choice, especially in the hot summer months as you may get wet during some scenes of the show. The front is a great option if you’d prefer to focus on the details rather than the larger scope of the show scenes.

3. Consider the dinner package.

The dinner package allows you to pay a bit extra for meals at certain restaurants while saving your seats at Fantasmic. While this option is pricier than simply showing up and saving a seat for yourself, there are a couple of advantages to booking the package. Of course the biggest advantage is that your seat is reserved, so you do not need to arrive super early to have a seat for the show. You can arrive 20 minutes before the show starts and head straight to the reserved dinner package section of the theater. Another advantage is that the dinner package seats are located in the center section, with close proximity to the restrooms, concession stands, smoking areas, and stroller parking.


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2. Save your FastPass for another experience.

I would advise you against using a FastPass for shows where there are no reserved seating areas. At Fantasmic, there is no FastPass section of the theater, so while your FastPass does get you a guaranteed seat (assuming you arrive during the FastPass window) it does not necessarily guarantee you a “good” seat. In my opinion, your FastPass would be better used for a ride with a long line. Of course, if rides aren’t your thing, or the availability for the rides you’d like just isn’t there, using a FastPass for Fantasmic might be a good option for you. If you do decide to use a FastPass for Fantasmic, just remember that it is important to arrive during your FastPass window (or earlier.) Shows will generally let you in with a FastPass early, so that you can get your seat before the standby line opens. And this is really the only benefit of using a FastPass on a show—if you arrive on time to your FastPass, you would get your first pick of a seat as the standby guests would not be let in yet. If you arrive late and use your FastPass, you’ll be directed into the theater with the standby guests, effectively making your FastPass useless.

1. Do not leave early!

Do not leave Fantasmic early, especially if it’s your first time seeing the show. In my opinion, the last five minutes of the show are the best, and it always amazes me how many guests skip out on the last scene. You’ve been following along with Mickey’s dream for 20 minutes already, don’t you want to see how it all plays out? (In fact, I’d advise against leaving any show early—you’ve just waited in line, and sat through half of it, why leave now? The ending is usually the best anyway.) Unless you have a legitimate reason to leave Fantasmic early, plan on staying through the entire show—you won’t be disappointed.

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