5 Simple Points To Know About Magic Kingdom At Walt Disney World

There’s an awful lot of blogs, websites, and individual articles devoted to Walt Disney World, not even counting all the posts here on Disney Dining. In all the articles, readers can find lots of information about the parks, but not all of it is accurate, and even the accurate stuff doesn’t cover everything! Here’s five things other blogs won’t tell you that you may find helpful.

5. People Mover Is A Long Line Now

People Mover, in Tomorrowland, is an attraction that the internet often touts as a “secret gem.” That idea has gotten around fast. What used to be an attraction that was basically a walk-on, but the line has been steadily growing in my experience. Don’t get me wrong, People Mover is still nice, relaxing attraction and a good opportunity to rest your feet for a few minutes, but it’s far from the walk-on attraction it once was.

4. Carousel Of Progress

The good news? Just a few steps away sits the Carousel of Progress, an attraction Walt designed for the 1964-65 World’s Fair. The Carousel is still a consistently short wait, with the advantage of giving your feet a break. Don’t skip this classic attraction!

3. Don’t Get a Fastpass for Under the Sea

Under the Sea– Journey of the Little Mermaid is part of the new Fantasyland expansion. The queue for this attraction is absolutely stunning, and is part of Walt Disney World’s commitment to improving its attraction queues. Guests move through the castle walls, and start their journey into the sea, evidenced by the increasing amount of sea shells, starfish, and other sea life, until you’re “underneath” the water. Details and little touches are everywhere in this attraction, and if you breeze through with a Fastpass+, you’re going to miss 99% of them. The Imagineers obviously spent a long time dreaming up this attraction and its queue, so take the time to appreciate them.

2. Visit Tom Sawyer Island To Get Away From Crowds

Tom Sawyer Island is another internet favorite– but for the wrong reasons. Lots of non-Disney bloggers perpetuate the old tradition of Cast Members leaving Tom’s paintbrushes around the island, and the first guests to find them would get bonus fastpasses. This practice ended years ago, before the onset of Fastpass+. Yet the story still floats around the internet. While there’s no paint brushes on the island, there’s also no crowds. The Island is an ideal place to take a picnic lunch and to let kiddos run off some energy.

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1. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Is Prettiest At Twilight

Photographers call the time right before sunset the Golden Hour. And for good reason, the light is soft and pretty. This is the time to ride Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, not immediately after rope drop. At this time, you’ll get the best view of the three castles as your careen around the mountain. The same idea holds true for other outdoor attractions, like Dumbo, Splash Mountain, and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

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Robin’s Disney journey began with Beauty and the Beast bedsheets, a Jasmine dress up set, and a purring Nala plush. As a child in the 1990s, the renaissance and classic animations alike captivated her imagination. In 2008, Robin visited Walt Disney World for the first time, and the obsession really took hold. Since then, Robin has enjoyed visiting the Happiest Place on Earth many more times. She lives in the Chicago suburbs where she is wrapping up a Masters in writing. When not at Disney World, Robin enjoys researching fairytales, eating ice cream, Netflix binging, reading and, of course, planning the next Walt Disney World vacation!