6 Things Guests Should Never Do in the Parks

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DisneyDining shares a lot of Walt Disney World do’s. We have excellent restaurant recommendations for where you should eat. We post packing lists of items you should take on your Disney vacation. We share lists of attractions and experiences you should not miss. This list is a little unique in that we are counting down 6 things Guests should never do in the Parks.

Have you ever seen a Guest engage in any of these cringe-worthy behaviors?

Don’t Text and Walk


Credit: Disney

This goes for walking while taking pictures too. Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort both get crowded with Guests during Park Days. Couple this with the fact that curbs and fencing may be in unexpected places, and you get a recipe for disaster if you are strolling through the Park without paying attention. No one wants to spend part of their trip in the First Aid Center, so texting and walking is a major don’t.

I  know it’s tempting to answer a text message that just popped up as you hop between attractions. Honestly, who doesn’t want to capture an image of Cinderella Castle while walking down Main Street, U.S.A.? Still, the safest way to proceed is to step to the side and out of the way of other Guests, to snap your photo or answer that pressing text message.

Many Disney veterans have seen fellow Guests take a tumble on Main Street, U.S.A. when not paying attention and accidentally stepping into the open trolley tracks that run down the length of the street. Remember to follow this Disney tip to save yourself a lot of pain and embarrassment.

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Don’t Sit on the Railings


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If you’ve been to Walt Disney World or Disneyland Resort, then chances are you have seen this part faux pas numerous times. Sitting on the railings in line for an attraction. That’s right, sitting on the railings is a major no-no. Not only might a perched Guest fall off and get hurt, but you might fall on another Guest and injure them as well.

Even if the worst doesn’t happen and no one takes a tumble while waiting on their favorite ride, sitting in the ride queue slows down line progress when it’s time to step forward toward the attraction. We know it’s hot, and you are tired, but resist the urge to make the ride queue your personal lounge.

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Don’t Lie About Your Needs

I can’t even believe this next item is one that has to be addressed. But Cast Members have mentioned it’s a common problem in the Disney Parks. Don’t lie about your mobility or health needs in order to get to the front of the line.

There are a limited number of wheelchairs and Electric Conveyance Vehicles in each Park. If you are lucky enough and healthy enough to be able to navigate the Park without mobility assistance, count your lucky stars and don’t even think about renting a mobility device in order to skip the line or save steps on your vacation.

Actual wheelchair or Electric Conveyance Vehicles users are in dire need of these vehicles to navigate the Park. They will literally be unable to access the magic in the Parks and enjoy their vacation without mobility assistance. So, don’t even think about taking advantage of those in need by renting a mobility device you don’t require that is a necessity for other Guests.

Don’t Damage the Magic

Perhaps even worse than Guests that spread out and slow down the line queue, are Guests that actually damage the ride queue or other parts of the Park. Obviously, you’re bored waiting to board the attraction, but that’s no excuse to peel paint, scratch walls, or otherwise deface the ride queue.

Disney attraction queues have been carefully designed to bring Guests into the story and amp them up for the attraction to come. Vandalizing property is wrong at home or on vacation, so just be sure to respect all the hard work that Imagineers have put into the small details. Save the magic for other Guests as well!

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Don’t Push Safety Limits


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Safety advisories exist for a reason. Do push the safety limits by acting out on a ride. Exiting a ride vehicle during a ride, not securing safety bars correctly, or dangling arms or legs off the attraction is a big no. Not only is this behavior incredibly annoying to Cast Members, but it also ruins the magic of the attraction for other Guests and is downright dangerous for you. Enjoy theme park attractions as they were meant to be enjoyed, and don’t push the limits or question Cast Members when it comes to safety.


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Don’t Argue Height Requirements


Credit: Disney Dining

Speaking of not questioning Cast Members, don’t argue height requirements for attractions. We know, we know if your child has been looking forward to experiencing a certain theme park attraction during your Walt Disney World vacation, it’s a total bummer when you find out your little one is not tall enough to ride.

Favorites like Animal Kingdom’s Expedition Everest, Magic Kingdom’s Splash Mountain, or Space Mountain are all fun attractions that have height requirements little ones may fall short of. No one like to see a sad kid that has just learned they can’t ride the attraction they have been anticipating. But rules are rules. Remember that safety regulations and height requirements are not arbitrary, they exist for a reason.


Credit: Disney Dining

Are a few minutes of fun on a ride worth risking your life over? I didn’t think so. If you have a rider that may or may not meet the height requirement for an attraction in your group, step up to the height indicator at the start of each ride queue and consult with a Cast Member to see if the individual in question will be tall enough to ride.

If two parents want to ride an attraction and their child is not tall enough to join them, ask a Cast Member at the start of the line to use the Rider Switch Service. One parent can ride the attraction alone while the other parent accompanies the child in the loading queue, before switching places, so the alternate parent can ride.

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