6 Amazing Guest Services You Might Be Missing At Walt Disney World

There really is a vast array of Guest Services provided to guests. Did you know if you need a doctor to come to your room 24-hours a day you can get it? Or if you need a Notary Public for anything, no problem, Disney Guest Services will take care of that for you.

6. Package Delivery

Package Delivery is available to all guests who wish the package to be delivered to a location at the front of the park to be picked up by the guest that day. For WDW resort guests, they may also choose to have their packages delivered to their resort to be picked up the following day. If you wish, you can pay to have your purchases wrapped up and shipped to your home. They can tell you at the register how much that would be. There are some items that cannot be shipped due to laws about “live plants”, perishable foods, etc. You can box up packages, label them, and take them to the Front Desk or Concierge Desk to purchase the shipping and the resort will mail it for you.

5. Ship To Resort

You can ship items to your resort ahead of your stay, to save luggage space. Many guests choose to ship cases of water to their rooms from Amazon, as an example, so they save money on bottled water. Whatever you ship make sure it has the mailing address for your resort hotel, and the word “Guest” clearly marked on the front along with the date for your arrival as well as the name on the reservation. Try to time it so you arrive around the same day. Keep in mind you may receive a fee per day your packages are held so check your resort policies before hand.

4. Magical Express

Magical Express is a complimentary motorcoach service for guests of Walt Disney World resorts flying in or out of Orlando International Airport. ME transports both you and your luggage to your resort and your luggage will be delivered to your room. You do not have to be in your room for your luggage to be delivered. Just make a reservation for the service at the same time as your resort reservation. Resort Airline Check-In allows you to pay any luggage fees, check-in your luggage at your Walt Disney World resort and avoid doing it at Orlando International Airport.

3. Car Services

If you are in a “Disney or Bust” kind of vehicle, just do what you must to reach Disney property. If you break down there, don’t worry, there is an AAA-authorized repair center on property. You can have the repairs done while you enjoy the rest of Walt Disney World. You can even schedule appointments for service during regular hours of M-F 7 to 7; Sat. 7 to 4; Sun. 8 to 3 at (407) 824-0976. The center will provide complimentary transportation to/from the Transportation and Ticket Center, where there are connecting forms of transportation to the Disney resorts. A mobile service unit, Car Care One, offers the roadside assistance and if need be it can tow the vehicle to the Car Care Center.

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Things they offer roadside is bringing fuel, jump starting a battery, inflating a flat tire, or help you if you get stuck in mud (which happens if you go off-road for some reason.) If you run into trouble when the center is closed you can get some help from Resort security. If you would like to explore Florida outside of WDW you can rent a car at the Alamo Rent-A-Car or National Car Rental also located at the Car Care Center location near Magic Kingdom.

2. Baby Care Centers

Baby Care Centers provided for guests in each Park where you can feed, change, and nurse your babies. It is a private place to be comfortable doing all these things discreetly and it is complimentary.  There are changing rooms, private nursing rooms with rocking chairs, room with high chairs to feed your little ones, a kitchen with microwave and sink making it easy to whip up some tasty food/formula, a sitting room with television, tables and chairs and even a sofa. On top of all that you will find a small store stocked with baby formula, baby food, juice, diapers, wipes, sunscreen, clothing, and over-the-counter medications you may need. The centers are open to parents with infants and toddlers during regular park hours. It is good for parents with babies or toddlers to know where these centers are in each of the four Parks because if your child is lost, this is where a Cast Member will escort children who become separated from their parents in order to reunite them.

1. Safety

Your safety is extremely important to Disney.  They have trained Cast Member in CPR that work attractions in which immediate attention is not easily accessed, such as the Liberty Belle Riverboat, or the Ferry Boats, etc.  They also have thousands of AED/Automated External Defibrillators throughout the resort that are designed to help save lives if someone goes into cardiac arrest. Cast Members are trained to use these and it actually directs, audibly, the user how to use it step-by-step. They are useful for both adults and children.

Even lifeguards at the water parks have these on them to use if necessary. If you look at the Park Guide Map you will see symbols marking where these machines are with AED to identify them. A Cast Member will of course call 911 immediately but this equipment could save your life prior to EMT’s being able to respond.  The parks were designed with guest safety and enjoyment in mind. Remember to stay behind those yellow lines at the attractions and keep your arms, hands, feet and legs inside the ride vehicle at all times.

There are First Aid locations inside the parks too. They have a nurse available who is able to provide over-the-counter medications, bandages and other quick remedies that will help you and get you going on your way back to the fun part of your vacation. The First Aid center can also store any medications that need to be refrigerated.  Did you know you can get in-room medical help, 24-hours a day by calling the Front Desk on your resort phone? There is complimentary transportation to Offsite Urgent Care centers where your insurance is probably accepted. Call (407) 934-2273 if you want to use this service or find out more about it. Of course for any emergency 911 should be called.

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