Top 5 Walt Disney World Rides That Are The Best At Night

magic kingdom park haunted mansion liberty square
Magic Kingdom's Haunted Mansion/Credit: Disney Parks

Now that all four theme parks have morning and night hours, there’s even more to enjoy! While some rides are better during the day, some rides are just better at night. Whether it adds to the spooky factor or just fits the ride atmosphere, these five rides are my favorite places to hit when the sun goes down.

5. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

While this ride is fun at all times of the day, I prefer to ride at night. The ride seems faster and the curves seem curvier –even though it only hits 34 mph at max speed. When you slide into the tunnel where the seven dwarves sing their favorite song –spoiler alert for those who haven’t ridden- your eyes don’t even have to adjust to the darkness. It’s the little things in life, y’all.

4. Tower of Terror

As if this attraction isn’t already spooky enough, riding the Tower of Terror at night just adds to it. The thunder and lightning storm depicted while waiting in line and on the ride feels like it’s actually happening outside the tower. As you fall and rise 13 stories at random, keep your eyes peeled for the sliding panels in front of you. If you time it right, you can see all of Hollywood Studios lit up for the night!

3. Haunted Mansion

Even as an adult, this ghostly ride will give me wall-to-wall creeps, especially at night. Before you even step into the mansion, you’ll walk past the cemetery where Madame Leota lies. Rest assured that she’s having a ball, but make sure you don’t look her in the eyes! From inside the mansion, it looks like it is dark and stormy outside. In Florida, if it’s nighttime, you have a 50 percent chance of that being the reality –making this ride seem even more real and haunted.

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2. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Of the three mountains of Magic Kingdom, Big Thunder Mountain is one of my favorites to ride at night because of the atmosphere. You feel like you’re actually in the lone wilderness of a John Wayne movie! From the get-go, your train takes you through a creepy, dark cave of huge spiders hanging by their webs. Once the scariest part of the ride is over, you ascend Big Thunder Mountain. From there, your train flies down the other side, definitely making it the wildest ride in the wilderness.

1. Expedition Everest

Now that the Animal Kingdom park is open for the whole day, you can ride Expedition Everest as many times as you want. Similar to the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Expedition Everest also goes through many tunnels and alcoves in the mountain. And, as you ascend the mountain, you can see the amazing view of all four Disney theme parks lit up for the night. If you haven’t done this one yet, be sure to take advantage of it on your next trip!

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