5 Tips and Tricks for Magic Kingdom Fireworks

Credit: Disney

by Brittany DiCologero

  1. If you want a spot in front of Cinderella Castle, arrive early.

As time gets closer to the nighttime entertainment in the Magic Kingdom, Main Street and the hub will become extremely crowded. This means that if you would like to be in this area during Wishes, you’ll want to arrive early to beat the crowds. Generally if I plan on staying on Main Street or on the hub for the fireworks, I either work around the rest of the night’s entertainment schedule, or I spend time on Main Street doing some shopping, so I can easily pop out into the street when the fireworks happen. Check the times guide while you’re in the park if you’d like to be in front of the castle, as it may be wise to arrive early and stay put for Wishes and Celebrate the Magic in the same area.


  1. Consider viewing locations besides the hub.

If camping out for a spot and dodging crowds aren’t for you consider other viewing locations. There are plenty of other places in the park that will give you a great view of Wishes without dealing with crowds or staying in one place for an extended period of time. You might want to move further down Main Street, as this area is generally more crowded the closer you get towards the hub. Other great locations would be the bridge heading towards Tomorrowland, or Fantasyland, right in front of the wall that leads to New Fantasyland. While you’re looking at the back of the castle from this location, you’re actually in the middle of all of the fireworks, as they are set off from both sides of this area. Another fun location can be on a ride—if you don’t mind missing most of the show, head to Splash Mountain or Big Thunder Mountain Railroad for some different views of the fireworks.

  1. Don’t get too caught up with taking photos or videos.

I love documenting vacations as much as the next person, but I much prefer to enjoy the show instead of focusing on capturing every second of it with my phone. Unless photography is a serious hobby of yours, you’re likely to spend more time struggling trying to get a perfect picture, when you could be enjoying the show instead. If you really want to capture lots of fireworks photos, I would recommend seeing the show twice. Watch it once to get the full experience, and once to capture all the photos you like.

  1. Stay for Celebrate the Magic

Even though all of the nighttime entertainment in the Magic Kingdom occurs at roughly the same time, many guests still choose to leave the park right after the fireworks. If there is a performance of Celebrate the Magic, plan on staying for it. And if you’ve already camped out for a spot to watch Wishes, why leave now? Chances are your spot will also give you a view of this show, so you might as well stay and enjoy it rather than rushing out in the post-fireworks mob.

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  1. Exit the park slowly to avoid crowds.

Speaking of the post-fireworks mob, I would recommend taking your time leaving the Magic Kingdom after Wishes. Regardless of when the park closes, a lot of guests leave after the fireworks, which means you’ll likely be stuck in a cattle herd-like crowd on your way out of the park, and you’ll be waiting for a very crowded monorail, boat, or bus. Instead of leaving right after the fireworks, I always stay in the park a little bit longer to avoid that situation altogether. Even if I really do want to leave right after the show, I’d rather spend my time slowly walking through the shops on Main Street, and maybe having one last order of Casey’s corn dog nuggets, instead of following the herd towards the exit immediately.




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