5 Things You Will Totally Hate About The Last Day Of Your Walt Disney World Trip

The last day of a Walt Disney World vacation is not easy. You will have spent months, possibly years, preparing and getting ready for the vacation of a lifetime, and it’s over in the blink of an eye. Here are five things that you’ll hate about the last day of your trip, and a couple of tips to help make leaving a little bit less painful.

5. The Last Character Picture

Character pictures are a large part of most Walt Disney World vacations. There is something special about that first picture with Mickey, or having a conversation with a princess. The last hug that you will receive from a character will be filled with both happiness and sadness. Here’s a tip; get some pictures on your phone, even if you’re using PhotoPass or Memory Maker. That way, you will have easy access to those final pictures on your trip home.

4. The Final Disney Meal

The restaurants at Walt Disney World are incredible. The food is fantastic and the themes are a lot of fun. Try to have a good time during the final meal of your Disney vacation. Instead of talking about how sad you are to leave, talk about how much fun you’ve had. Have each member of your party share a favorite ride or memory from the trip. You might be surprised by what your kids enjoyed the most. Here’s a tip; make a reservation for a character meal or a special restaurant for your final Disney meal. Make it something that your whole family will look forward to. That way, your trip will end on a high note and you might end up with a few more priceless pictures.

3. One Last Ride

No matter how much guests complain about long lines, no one wants to get into the final one for the trip. Knowing that the magic is soon going to end and that reality will return is not an easy thing to face. Here’s a tip, take advantage of FastPass+. Make your reservations early in the day, and when you’ve used all three find a kiosk or use your My Disney Experience App and make a fourth FastPass+ reservation. That way, you’ll know that you spent as little time in line as possible. Another tip; if you ride standby for your last ride, enjoy the wait. Look around and take in the details of the queue line, and if it’s interactive go ahead and play! The details leading up to most of the rides are amazing, and many people don’t notice the little things. Pay attention while waiting, instead of complaining about going home.

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2. Thinking About What You Missed

Even if you were to spend a month in Central Florida you would not be able to see and do all that Walt Disney World has to offer. One major problem that many people experience the final day of vacation is regret. They wish that they had joined the Orange Team instead of the Green on Mission: SPACE, or suddenly they realize that the family could have finished The Kitchen Sink at Beaches & Cream Soda Shop. On the final day of your vacation your mind will be filled with thoughts of rides that you didn’t try, and shows that you didn’t stop to watch. Here’s a tip; instead of allowing regret to ruin your day, start planning your next Walt Disney World vacation immediately. Pick a time for when you will return, even if it’s just something general like “next fall”. If you know that you will be back, you won’t regret what you missed quite as much.

1. Leaving the Property

One of the most exciting moments of a Walt Disney World vacation is when you arrive on property. You will see the “Walt Disney World Where Dreams Come True” sign getting closer, and chances are that at least one person in your party will have a camera ready. The moment your car or bus goes under that sign the real world feels far behind and you know that you’re surrounded by magic. Having Mickey and Minnie on either side of the road, welcoming you with smiles, makes the experience even more special. The problem is that you do have to leave, and the back of the sign is a cruel reminder of that. Here’s a tip; unless you’re driving, turn around and take one final look back at the sign as you leave the property. As you do, think about the most special moment of your vacation. Carry that moment with you as you prepare to return home. It won’t make it easier to leave, but it will remind you of how lucky you are to have enjoyed a vacation at “the most magical place on earth”.

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