5 Things You Will Love About Toy Story Pizza Planet

This Pizza Planet isn’t guarded by two “welcoming” robots like its namesake in Toy Story, but it certainly brings to life the movie that put Pixar on the Disney map. You can find Toy Story Pizza Planet just around the corner from Star Tours – The Adventures Continue and across from Muppet*Vision 3D in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. When pizza cravings make your mouth water at the thought of mozzarella and pepperoni and a cheeseburger or chicken sandwich just won’t do, head over to the Streets of America, and let Buzz and Woody satisfy your hunger.

Actually, this is not a character meal, so Buzz and Woody won’t be there to serve you pizza. Remember, Buzz and Woody are just toys at Pizza Planet. If you want to meet the characters, then you’ll need to visit Woody’s Picture Shootin’ Corral after your meal. At that location, you can shrink down to toy-size and pose for a photograph with them.

Still, even if you don’t have a hankering for pizza, and you’re a little disappointed that Buzz isn’t shooting pizzas at your table from a hovering spaceship, you will love Toy Story Pizza Planet for the following five reasons.

5. Affordability

As a quick-service restaurant, Toy Story Pizza Planet is a reasonable way to feed your family if you want to keep meal costs low but don’t want stomachs growling while you’re running around Hollywood Studios. Guests with a fondness for Italian cuisine will find this an inexpensive alternative to Mama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano, a nearby table-service restaurant.

The regular entrées at Pizza Planet are priced under ten dollars, and since their portion sizes are generous, you can easily feed two average diners with one entrée. Those wanting to save even more money on meals can order one adult entrée for two children rather than ordering kids’ meals. No matter how you slice it, Pizza Planet provides affordable dining that really fills the belly and give your party members the energy they need to tackle the great attractions at Hollywood Studios.

4. Seating

Admittedly, seating doesn’t rank highly on the excitement scale when it comes to dining at Walt Disney World. However, after holding a tray of food for fifteen minutes while waiting for a party to vacate a table, you’ll surely appreciate restaurants like Toy Story Pizza Planet. Two floors of indoor dining rooms and an outdoor patio are packed full of tables where you can enjoy your meal. Both floors supply access to restrooms, which is convenient for parties with children. Even during the busy seasons, Pizza Planet provides ample space, so finding a table should never be a problem.

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3. Ambience

As you enter the dining area, you’re greeted by a large mural of the Pizza Planet that appears in Toy Story. Buzz Lightyear and a host of green aliens make an appearance to transport you into the eatery’s science fiction motif. In addition, video games and other amusements add to the Pizza Planet mood. The design of the restaurant’s interior uses bright colors and skillfully placed artwork to enhance your dining experience.

2. Games

The games provide an entertaining diversion for your children while you relax and take it easy for awhile. Although it’s the happiest place on Earth, Walt Disney World can be exhausting for the novice and expert alike. Toy Story Pizza Planet provides a bit of respite from the great amount of walking required to ferry children from attraction to show to restaurant, and so on. Children can play video games, shoot hoops, or play skeeball while their parents and other adult relatives watch from comfortable chairs. Naturally, active adults can join the fun, if they desire.

1. Pizza

Who doesn’t like pizza? A few might not possess a fondness for it, but it ranks pretty high as one of the most popular foods in the world. Of course, if you don’t want pizza, this restaurant offers meatball subs and antipasto salad, as well.

Nevertheless, the personal pizzas served at Toy Story Pizza Planet taste delicious, and though they don’t serve any with special-order toppings (remember, it is quick-service dining), the restaurant offers a few options that should satisfy most palates. The classic cheese and pepperoni pizzas remain on the menu, but vegetable and meat lovers pizzas can be ordered for those with specialized tastes. For kids’ meal, the menu only features cheese pizza, so children with a particular interest in pepperoni should share a regular entrée.

As the only pizza outlet in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, this dining hot spot functions as the sole place to experience tomato sauce, mozzarella, and pepperoni, arranged artfully on dough and baked to golden brown perfection. Also, those age-appropriate adults who want to add a beer to the meal can certainly enjoy that option. With Toy Story characters surrounding you, your children happily engaged in amusements, and your hunger satisfied, Toy Story Pizza Planet proves to be a dining experience that you’ll want to enjoy whenever you visit Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

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D.W. Noonan was blindsided by the magical universe of Walt Disney when he married a dedicated Disneyphile in 1994. His wonderful wife dragged him into countless days of binge-watching great Disney films. As children began showing up in the Noonan home, D.W.'s growing passion for all things Disney led him to vacationing with his family in Walt Disney World each year and taking a journey to visit Disneyland. He is especially proud of his two teenage daughters, who danced for Disney Performing Arts at Walt Disney World in 2015. Though D.W. lives in Maryland, he longs to hear these familiar words when he returns to the resort: "Welcome home."