5 Things You Will Love About Flame Tree Barbecue

When you’re enjoying a long, busy day at Animal Kingdom, a nice and easy meal is just what you need! Flame Tree Barbeque is my favorite quick serve restaurant in the park. There are so many great things about this spot. Here are five things that I think you will love about Flame Tree.

5. Seating

Quick serve restaurants around the parks are great, but they have one major downfall: most of them never have enough seating. This is not the case at Flame Tree. Flame Tree Barbeque doesn’t have an inside at all, but the seating extends way behind the food station. There are many large gazebos that hold tables and condiment stations. These gazebos are colorful and decorated in typical Animal Kingdom fashion, woodcarvings and hidden details galore. They are all very convenient and I’ve never had an issue finding a place to eat at Flame Tree.

4. Location

Flame Tree is also conveniently out of the way of most craziness in Animal Kingdom. This quick serve place is centrally located, which means you don’t have to cross over into Asia or Africa to get to it, it’s right on Discovery Island. Flame Tree is an easy walk from DinoLand and right across from shops and fun kiosks. Flame Tree is secluded from the rest of the park enough to make it feel like a bit of a breath of fresh air, but still central enough to be an easy quick serve.

3. Menu

This quick serve stop also has an awesome menu. Appropriate to its name, Flame Tree has really great and fun barbeque, something different than other places in the park. My dad loves the pulled pork sandwich and I’m a big fan of the ribs. And you can never go wrong with onion rings. This menu is great for a bit of switch without breaking the bank. All of the food is nice and you pay for it, but nothing on the menu is more than $16 (and that’s for a combo meal). While this menu isn’t super extensive or adventurous, it’s a great option for quick serve and worth a stop!

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2. Music

Unlike most quick serve restaurants around the parks, Flame Tree Barbeque has its own soundtrack. This music is like nothing else in the parks and immediately makes you feel like you are in another part of the world. Animal Kingdom is great at using music to enhance the diverse cultural experience of your day. Lunch shouldn’t be any different. While Flame Tree isn’t specified as any particular part of the world, it’s definitely not Orlando. The design and audio in this space feels slightly oriental and sometimes even a bit tribal. The music just helps me to completely lose my sense of direction and enjoy every second at Flame Tree. Here’s a sample of the awesome music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2K6xdt-BScU&list=PL92qvCp1V08QXbCVURouoY4hYuvPFFLxL&index=15


Flame Tree Barbeque provides the best views in all of Animal Kingdom, in my opinion. We’ve already established that it has awesome seating, but the views make it even better. Most of the colorful seating gazebos are right on the shores of Discovery River. Directly across the river is Mount Everest in all its glory. It’s super fun to watch the train climb to its peak and hear the screams and laughs from the explorers. My family loves to watch the turtles that call Discovery River their home. There is plenty of wildlife and adventure to spy while eating at Flame Tree and it’s all gorgeous.

About Molly Elias

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