5 Thing’s You Will Love About 50’s Prime Time Café

Do you pine for the simplicity of yesteryear? Do you daydream about the good ol’ days? If you could picture yourself stepping into the idyllic world of the 1950’s television sitcom, then 50’s Prime Time Café at Hollywood Studios should be on your ‘not to be missed’ list. 50’s Prime Time Café is a table service restaurant inside Hollywood Studios. Situated along the shore of Echo Lake, 50’s Prime Time is a neighbor to another popular eatery, Hollywood and Vine. A perennial favorite of visitors to “The Studios,” 50’s is a uniquely themed and entertaining dining experience. Why do we love it so much? Read on to find out!

5. They Call You to Dinner

When you check in at 50’s Prime Time Café the hostess will ask for your last name. After you check in, find a place to wait in Dad’s Living room, or head into the Tune-In Lounge to order a drink from Dad’s Liquor Cabinet. When your table is ready you’ll find yourself immediately transported back to your childhood when the host or hostess yells “SMITH KIDS! IT’S TIME FOR DINNER!” It might be a small thing, but it instantly sets the tone for this dining experience. From here on out you have entered into a time warp that transports you squarely in the middle of the 19th century. 

4. Amazing Theming and Décor

After you sit down at your table take some time to really look around and absorb the fantastic theming. It’s impossible to find anything that doesn’t belong in the 1950’s. From the copper rooster pans on the wall, to the chrome trimmed tables, each and every item on display has been carefully chosen to create a feeling of a homey 1950’s kitchen. Take a few minutes and point out unique items to any children you might be traveling with. They will be delighted at the old fashioned housewares and the explanation for their uses.

Spend awhile watching the replaying loop of 1950’s sitcom excerpts on the tube televisions mounted around the restaurant. Kids will enjoy some of the retro cartoons and if you watch closely you might even see an appearance from ‘Ol’ Uncle Walt’ himself!

Later, when you are finished eating, ramble around the restaurant before you leave to see all the different ‘kitchens’. Each one is unique and different than the others, but all share a perfectly thought out 1950’s theme down to each and every detail.

3. The Wait Staff

The Cast Members working at 50’s Prime Time are always in character. From the moment they approach a table to take drink orders to the last goodbye as guests leave, the wait staff is delightful. Often they remind children (and grownups) of proper manners, ‘no elbows on the table’, ‘don’t chew with your mouth full’, but their demeanor is always fun and joking and never chastising. Interact with your waiter or waitress and ask them questions. Their responses will make you chuckle. The more you interact with them, the better the experience. Children will giggle as the waiter or waitress refer to the grownups as ‘kids’, and will encourage mom and dad to ‘finish those veggies’, so that everyone can order dessert. And speaking of dessert…

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2. Amazing Milkshakes

Guests on the Disney Dining Plan can order a milkshake as a drink, and still order a dessert later! The milkshakes at 50’s Primetime are famously delicious. Try the Peanut Butter n’ Jelly. In addition to off the wall flavors traditional favorites such as chocolate and strawberry are always available. Sometimes a limited edition flavor shows up on the menu as well.

1. Comfort Food

The entrée choices at 50’s Prime Time Café are generally appreciated by comfort food lovers everywhere. Meatloaf, fried chicken and the stuffed pork chop are popular choices, but there are also lighter options such as salmon. The chicken pot pie is a popular choice on the kids menu. For guests who can’t decide between the most popular choices, a combination plate is available. This is great way to try a little bit of everything. A blue plate special is offered daily with rotating choices.

All-in-all 50’s Prime Time Café at Hollywood studios provided both excellent theming and delicious food in a fun and retro atmosphere. It’s a great place to cool off and experience a little taste of mid-century America. Be sure to make reservations in advance because this popular restaurant is usually filled to capacity.

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