5 Reasons We Love Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival

Fall is my favorite season. In New England, I love it for watching the leaves change and feeling the crisp chill in the air. In Florida, I love it for Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival. Here are five reasons why:

5. Topiaries

We often only think of topiaries at the Flower and Garden Festival, but they’re a major part of the Food and Wine Festival, too! Topiaries are essentially flower sculptures that are placed throughout Epcot to make the park even more beautiful than usual. They’re always exquisite, feature our favorite characters, and at this festival, usually food related. Between snapping pictures of every meal you eat and posing with a floral character everywhere you go, you’ll be plenty busy!

4. Booths

I mean, duh, right? The best part of this festival has to be these booths. These are where the food magic happens. Placed at most of the main Epcot pavilions, with some additional countries, the food booths provide a unique taste of their respective country. This will be food and wine or beer unlike anything you’ve ever tried. Some of it is weird, but most of it is simply amazing. The cool thing about the booths is that they serve the meals in pretty small proportions, so you can try it all!

3. Merchandise

Disney loves merchandising. Festivals are a prime opportunity for it because they typically draw the most obsessed Disney people who will pretty much buy anything special. Food and Wine usually has special edition pins and t-shirts. If you’re a Passholder, make sure to snatch yours up right away because they sell out incredibly fast. Another cool piece of merchandise offered at this event is the Festival cookbook. It contains every recipe from the booths and even includes wine pairings and tips from the chefs! A must buy for food and wine lovers.

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2. Demonstrations

Food and Wine is great to eat and drink and all. But what if you have absolutely no idea what you’re doing? That’s where the cooking demonstrations come in. Epcot brings in many celebrity chefs to instruct its guests on how to make the most out of food and wine! Many of these mini classes happen in the Festival Pavilion, which is the old Wonders of Life building (the giant gold dome thing that people forget is there). Some of these lessons happen in the actual country pavilions. These are fun, educational, and super yummy.

1. Vendors

A great part of Epcot’s festivals is that they bring in vendors whose specialties heighten the elegance of the festival experience. Our favorite special vendor is artist Heather A. French. You may recognize her work from previous years Food and Wine and Flower and Garden festival posters. Heather has become a bit of celebrity among the Festival goers – people know her by her gorgeous painting and contagious laugh. We love the Food and Wine Festival for bringing in people like Heather, who make beautiful art that pairs beautifully with food and wine.

About Molly Elias

Molly Elias has been a dedicated Disney fan since she was 18-months old. She has grown up with and learned from Disney her whole life. As her family's main vacation spot, Disney World is a place of love and laughter and magic for her. Her family also prides themselves on their Disney Cruise Line knowledge and would rather be on the high seas with Mickey than anywhere else in the world. Molly plans to keep Disney in her life forever, while also pursuing a writing career. She recently completed a master's program in creative writing in the hopes that someday she will be able to be a writer for the Happiest Company on Earth. Molly keeps Walt's famous quote at the forefront of her life: "Around here, however, we don't look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we're curious...and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."