5 Awesome Future Features for Disney’s MagicBand 2

Photo Credit: Disney

MagicBands have mostly been a hit since they first rolled out at Walt Disney World in 2013. In fact, it took less than two years for the bands to hit the ten million distributed milestone. MagicBands make it easy to go through the front gates at the parks, help capture priceless pictures, hold your place for FastPass+, and so much more. If you’re staying on property you can use your MagicBand to open your room and pay for your purchases. It has been announced that MagicBand is getting a makeover. With MagicBand 2 on the way, the future of these popular devices is brighter than ever. Here are five awesome MagicBand 2 features that are, or may be, coming in the near future.

5. Slightly New Design

MagicBand 2 will have a slightly new design. It is not all that different, but it is a little bit larger. You will still be able to tell that it is a MagicBand. The touch point will continue to be shaped like Mickey, and the band attaches the same way. As with the old design, there is a layer that can be removed to make the band smaller for children. It is rumored that the battery in the new MagicBand 2 will also last longer.

4. Removable Disc

If you’re one of the many people who don’t like wearing your MagicBand, you’re in luck. With MagicBand 2 the magic is removable. The RDIF technology is in a disk that you can take out. Soon there will be key chains that you can put the disc in, and there are most likely other choices on the way. If you’re worried about the disk falling out, don’t be. You will need to use a small screwdriver to remove it from the original band. Rumor has it that the screwdriver will be included with the key chain or other accessories, so you won’t have to worry about finding a tool to remove the disk in the middle of your vacation. You will also be able to put the disk in a lanyard or even stick it in your pocket. The new bands will make it easy to use the technology in the way that is most convenient for you.

3. More Comfortable Bands?

If you wear your MagicBand but complain about it being uncomfortable, you might like the new design. Even though the overall size is slightly larger, the band itself is lighter. That will make it much more comfortable to wear on a hot, humid day. Early reports state that the new MagicBands aren’t as stiff as the old ones, which will please many people.

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2. More Collectible Options

Collectible MagicBands have become quite popular. You can buy a band featuring favorite characters, for a special event, and even have something customized. MagicBand 2 will be just as collectible, and since you’ll be able to use the disk for more than just a wristband you will have more treasures to collect. Since you won’t have to buy a new chip each time you make a purchase, the price of the actual collectible bands could be lower. There is no word for sure on if there will be cheaper bands, but it makes sense that there will be.

1. More Surprises

FastPass+ and your room key are only the beginning of what the technology that is used in MagicBands is good for. Already some customized experiences have popped up on rides such as It’s a Small World. Lunch is delivered to your table at Be Our Guest Restaurant. Imagine how much further this technology can go. Maybe a droid in Star Wars Land will call you by name, or the Cast Members will all sing “Happy Birthday” while you’re waiting in a long line. Merchandise Cast Members could know what size you buy, and servers might make recommendations; based on past choices. While these experiences haven’t been announced, there is a possibility. Disney has invested a lot of money in MagicBand and now MagicBand 2, and they want to use the bands to give you the best vacation possible. MagicBand 2 has a lot of potential, and it is exciting to dream about what Disney will come up with next.

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