2024 Disney World Bookings Unavailable After Just 20 Minutes

Disney world vacation bookings
Credit: Disney

Walt Disney World vacation packages were released today for 2024. However, only a select few have been able to book. Reservations began being accepted at 7:00 am. Fans flocked to the site. We were online and in the waiting room to boom at 5:45 am this morning and still had to wait in line when 7:00 am hit.

Yesterday we speculated that this would be the case. This year is unlike previous years because the Disney Dining Plan is available once again! We knew that would lead to very long wait times, and it has. Now, those who haven’t booked may be out of luck.

Disney world vacation booking

Credit: Disney

Disney paused all new bookings just 20 minutes after reservations opened up. As of the time of this writing, they still remain paused. However, the website says that it is only temporary.  At 7:20 am, new bookings were paused online. By 7:38 am, bookings were paused online and on the phone. That means no new bookings can be made currently at all (no, your Travel Agent can’t help that. Please be kind to them).

Disney world vacation bookings

Credit: Disney

Most likely, what happened was a website issue. Disney is notorious for their poorly functioning website. If the booking engine isn’t working, then phone Cast Members won’t be able to book anything either, so our guess is the user interface site went down first and then the booking engine.

It’s frustrating to want to book your Disney Vacation and be unable to. Trust me, I’m trying to book a little one’s very first trip, and I just want to do it already! Patience is needed as Disney works to get things back online.

It IS possible, in theory, that everything sold out in 20 minutes. It’s extremely unlikely. Walt Disney World has 36,000 resort hotel rooms. Filling every one of them for an entire year would be some sort of world record. We expect bookings to resume at any time.  As always, check back right here at Disney Dining. As soon as booking resumes, we will be the first to let you know.


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