$2 Million Claim Filed By Homeowners Whose House Was Destroyed In Anne Heche Crash

Anne Heche
Credit: ABC

On August 5, Quantico actress Anne Heche was involved in a fiery car accident in Los Angeles, California. Home security footage filmed Heche’s car speeding down a street moments before the crash. Although Heche survived the initial impact, she was in the burning car for 45 minutes before being rescued by the Los Angeles Fire Department.

Sadly, Heche suffered severe brain damage from the car crash, which left her in a coma. On August 12, Heche was officially declared brain-dead, and her organs were donated to save other lives.

Anne Heche

Credit: ABC

Not only was Heche’s car severely burned in the accident, but the house that she crashed into was also damaged. Now, the owners of that home have put in a $2 million claim against Heche’s estate. The court documents were obtained by People, which shared more on its contents.

Co-owners Jennifer and John Durand filed a complaint seeking compensatory damages of at least $2 million. The pair’s attorney argues that when Heche crashed her Mini Cooper into their property, where renter Lynne Mishele was residing at the time, the “violent impact from the crash caused severe structural damage to the home, which immediately erupted in a towering inferno.”

“At the time Heche plowed into and decimated their house, the Durands were leasing their house and property, and the Durands received a substantial economic benefit from the lease and the monthly rent that they received,” the document states.

“The Durands now have to spend substantial time and money and undergo the difficult process of rebuilding their house,” the document continues. “The Durands have suffered substantial damages as a result of Heche’s irresponsible actions and behavior.”

Anne Heche Crash

Credit: KTLA

This is not the first claim that has been filed against Heche’s estate since she died. Heche’s ex-husband has claimed repayment for a loan he claims he made to Heche in the amount of $150,000. Lynne Mishele — who was renting the home at the time of the car crash — also made a claim against the estate for $2 million, stating damages and PTSD. Mishele claimed that all of her belongings were destroyed when Heche’s car crashed into the home, and that the crash left her with severe emotional distress.

Anne Heche

Credit: ABC

Shortly after Heche’s crash, it was reported that she may have been under the influence of drugs that day. However, the official toxicology reports were recently completed, and the only traces of drugs found in Heche’s system were those used at the hospital. Benzoylecgonine was also found in her system, which only indicated past cocaine use. Heche was not under the influence of drugs when she crashed.

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