14 Things You Probably Hadn’t Thought To Pack In Your Park Bag

We understand you don’t want to carry anything you don’t have to. There are somethings that may be worth your consideration and that is why this list exists. Consider how everyone in your party would benefit from these items, or there may be some you can eliminate, but at least you are thinking about them. Even on vacation some unfortunate situations can arise and if they are treated quickly, your fun can resume without needing to go back to your hotel or off property to purchase an item listed here.

14. Band Aids

Although you can get these at the First Aid Stations in the parks, or purchase them from Cast Members in the shops (which may be behind or under the counter so just ask for them) it is best to travel with some at the ready. The last thing you want to do if you develop a sore from your new shoes is to walk across the park to get to the First Aid station. Since most requests for Band-Aids are due to shoes rubbing blisters on feet it is best to carry the Blister Band Aids to alleviate the pain and further harm that may come from continuing to walk. It is also recommended that you not bring new shoes but rather break them in at home or at least wear two pairs of socks to alleviate any rubbing or blisters.

13. Water Bottle strap

Some of the beverage kiosks sell Disney water bottle straps which have a break-away lanyard with an elastic loop at the end and a slider lock so you can put these on a variety of plastic bottles, not just water bottles. If you would like to make one at home for everyone in your party just use a 1” rubber O-ring, from the hardware store, measure how much ribbon you need to go around your neck and hang where you want it to, then attach each end of the ribbon to the ring by folding a bit of it over the ring then securing the loose end by sewing it. You can even find Disney character ribbons at Wal-Mart or JoAnn Fabrics. Having a water bottle on a strap means you keep hydration nearby at all times and your hands remain free to do other things. You can carry closed water bottles onto most attractions but many times you cannot carry a cup of liquid with a lid and straw into the queues, let alone on the attraction ride.

12. Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Advil, Dramamine, Etc.

Sometimes the loud noises, bumpy rides or the flashing lights can generate a headache and it is helpful to have those available for relief. Same goes for upset stomachs or motion sickness.

11. Snacks or gum

You can save yourself some money when bringing in your own snacks. Walt Disney World does allow you to bring in beverages and food items that are not in glass containers. You will not find any gum sold in a store in WDW so if you like that you will need to bring that in with you.

10. Sunglasses

Florida is known as the “Sunshine State” and you won’t regret bringing sunglasses. They are available in the park but are of course higher prices than outside the parks. Make sure all of your children have sunglasses too as their eyes are very sensitive to the light as well. Sunhats or ball caps are an alternative selection for those who are uncomfortable wearing sunglasses.

9. Hand Sanitizer

Although you will see stations of these throughout the United States in hospitals, schools, stores, etc., they are not at Walt Disney World. There are bathrooms to wash your hands at, but not for every attraction. If you are concerned about the germs you may encounter at the parks, be sure to pack your own bottle(s) of hand sanitizer.

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8. Phone Charger or Battery Pack

If you are traveling to Walt Disney World with a smartphone you will have opportunity to use the My Disney Experience app on your phone. While you may go through a regular day at the office without needing to charge your phone, you will most likely need to do it while in the parks. You will find places to plug in your phone charger as you move through the park, but you will need the charger to do it. The MDE app gives you access to your FastPass+ times, reservation information, park maps and schedules, menus, and much more so you will be using it quite often during your visit.

7. Note Pad and pen/pencil

This is especially helpful if you do not have a smartphone as you can write down your FastPass+ and other reservation information you may need during your park visit. You may have something you want to write down regarding a purchase you may like to come back for later in your visit including the store name, location, item number, description and price. If you have all that information and you forget to go back and purchase the item before you leave the park, you may still be able to buy it after you get back home with these details at hand. My family will write down hidden Mickey’s they find, or a joke they hear while they are in a queue, or the name of a Cast Member they for whom they would like to fill out an Applause Gram. Guests talking in the queue may want to write down a Disney restaurant that is recommended to them. Maybe you have a family of artists you just like to draw while waiting in line.

6. Personal products

Although many of these are available at gift shops when you ask at the counter for them, or possibly in some of the bathrooms, the quality or brand could be different from what you usually use so it is best to travel with what you are used to.

5. Card game

You can entertain your family if you are caught in a long queue by asking Trivia Questions or pulling out a card game in your pack for times where you are waiting for a meal, or a weather down time to pass and the attraction to reopen, waiting for the parade to start, etc.

4. Pennies and Quarters

There is not much you can buy with a handful of quarters and pennies in Walt Disney World, except for the Penny Presser machines placed throughout the parks, resorts, and Downtown Disney. It will cost you two quarters and the penny with which you would like to have an impression of a Disney character made. Some of the newer machines, mostly placed in the larger resorts, allow you to use a credit card for which to purchase multiple pressed pennies.

3. Flashlight

This may be the one item you hope you don’t need on vacation. Power outages may occur, but they are rare. If you lose something during the evening hours having a flashlight may be helpful in finding that. Please don’t use them if you don’t need them. People can be sensitive to a flashlight randomly appearing as they are camera flashes and strobe lights. Alternatively you can use the camera function on your smartphone.

2. Health Insurance Cards and doctor information

You never know when an accident is going to happen that may require you to seek medical assistance. If you have a complicated medical history this is especially important to those who may be giving you aid. Consider typing up a small card to carry in your wallet with your information on it while you are still at home. For your children you could also print out a card with their information and your cell phone number(s), resort, etc. so if they somehow get separated from you the Cast Member helping them will be able to get in touch with you sooner.

1. Plastic Bag

A dry bag would be best, but having something like a watertight bag for your electronics, or just a large shopping bag to put your pack in to keep it dry on Splash Mountain would be helpful and would take up very little space and weighs next to nothing. A wet bag weighs a lot more and is more uncomfortable to carry. You could even ask for a large bag at a nearby merchandise shop.

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