12 Reasons Why Walt Disney World is a Big Deal


by Brittany DiCologero

  1. Disney employs 65,000 people

It’s interesting to think that with 65,000 employees, Walt Disney World, is actually a fairly small faction of the whole Walt Disney Company. Imagine the logistics though of running a theme park with roughly 65,000 employees. From getting cast members everywhere they need to be, to costuming, parking areas, and even recreation areas—this is no small achievement when serving such a large cast.


  1. Top notch entertainment

As an entertainment company, it is no surprise that the entertainment offerings at Walt Disney World are phenomenal. And I’m not just talking about the obvious ones, like Wishes or Fantasmic. Think too about the small entertainment details that go into the parks—character meet and greets, parades, street performances, and things like the dueling pianists at JellyRolls, La Nouba at Downtown Disney, and stage shows like the Festival of the Lion King at Animal Kingdom.

  1. Leader in the guest service industry

Sometimes you plan a trip somewhere and feel a little bit of apprehension over what the experience is going to be like. This is something you’d never have to worry about with Disney, because the Disney company is the leader in the guest service industry. In fact, Disney’s training in the field of guest services has even become a model for other companies looking to give their guests the same kind of experience.

  1. Nostalgia

The nostalgia factor is definitely one of the driving forces behind Disney’s success. Even if you’re about to go to the parks for the first time, the nostalgia will hit you the first time you see Wishes and remember how you’ve grown up with all of those classic characters. If you’ve grown up going to Disney parks, you’ll become nostalgic as soon as you step on property and are reminded of all the wonderful memories you’ve made on past trips.

  1. It’s always changing

The Walt Disney World resort is constantly changing—meaning that if you’ve been once, there is no way that you’ve experienced everything it has to offer. In addition to offering different experiences specific to each season, the resort will never be finished, and will continue to grow and expand, just like Walt Disney wanted.

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  1. Leave behind reality

In visiting Walt Disney World you are leaving behind reality. In the Magic Kingdom, you are experiencing themed lands that are nothing like anything you could see anywhere else. Where else can you sail with pirates, or take a voyage on the happiest cruise that ever sailed? The other parks and resorts allow you to escape reality as well. At the Boardwalk you’re not just at any old resort, you’re at an Atlantic Boardwalk, brimming with restaurants, bars, and entertainment. Anywhere you step on Disney property is a new place that you simply cannot otherwise experience in your day to day life.

  1. Details

One thing that really sets Walt Disney World apart from other theme parks? The level of detail that is put into each area of the property. Think about rides for instance. Many theme parks have log flume type rides, but how many have you seen that go into the level of detail that Splash Mountain has? Rather than simply having a log go down a drop just for the fun of it, Disney has built an attraction that fully immerses guests into a specific storyline. And Disney has this attention to detail everywhere on property, from the parks, attractions, restaurants, resorts, and anything else you can think of that was designed by Disney.

  1. 44 square miles

Walt Disney World is 44 square miles. That’s twice the size of Manhattan. And the size of the resort has everything to do with its success. Because Disney is able to fit so many different things inside such a large space, the company achieves one of its goals of having many guests stay on property during their entire stay at the resort. With so much to do, and such a large space, many guests don’t feel the need to stay outside the parks or go elsewhere during their Disney vacation.

  1. More than just theme parks

Although known for its theme parks, the Walt Disney World resort offers so much more. Before even considering the water parks, Boardwalk, and Downtown Disney, think about the wide variety of recreational offerings that Disney has. Horse-drawn carriages, bicycle rentals, watercraft rentals, pool trivia, karaoke, drawing classes. One could even argue that a trip to Walt Disney World without even going to the parks might not be such a bad idea

  1. Something for everyone

Walt Disney World has something for everyone in a way that no other vacation really does. Of course, a Disney vacation is great for families with kids for obvious reasons, but what about couples? Or teenagers? With the wide variety of things to do at the Walt Disney World resort, each member of your party will find something he or she enjoys.

  1. Great value

A Walt Disney World vacation can be a great value. Sure, it might sound a little pricey, but you really are getting what you pay for. There are so many times when you go on vacation only to feel like you were ripped off—maybe the hotel was not up to the standard of how much you paid for it, or you got stuck in some tourist-trap restaurant where you wasted money on sub-par food. Although a Disney vacation is expensive it is worth every penny—you’ll never need to worry that the expensive meal you’re having will be a rip off because the food in Disney is exactly what you’d expect for the price.

  1. Where dreams come true!

How many places can you go visit where you can truly say it made your dreams come true? Walt Disney World is the ultimate vacation destination because dreams come true there every single day. Whether your dream is to meet your favorite princess, become a pirate, or take off on a mission to outer space, a trip to Walt Disney World can make it happen.

About Brittany DiCologero

Brittany DiCologero Bio Brittany is a graduate of St. Anselm College, where she earned her bachelor of arts degree in History. She completed two Disney College Programs, one at Dinoland U.S.A., in Animal Kingdom, and one at Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show at Hollywood Studios. She is the author of “Brittany Earns Her Ears,” a memoir about her experiences on the college program, and she currently resides in Massachusetts.