12 Do’s and Don’ts When Visiting Disney’s Epcot

We’ve put together a list of dos and don’ts for visiting Epcot in an attempt to make your planning a little easier, and your day at Epcot as magical and stress-free as possible.

12. Don’t FastPass+ Nemo and Friends

With a limited number of FastPass+ reservations it’s important to choose wisely in order to limit the time you spend waiting in lines, and maximize your time experiencing Epcot. Don’t make the mistake of using a FastPass+ on Nemo & Friends. This incredibly cute attraction never has a wait! You can pretty much just walk into a clamshell and go under the sea with Nemo & Friends. Save your FastPass+ reservations for other attractions that tend to have longer waits times.

11. Do Some Planning

Epcot is a huge park, and if you arrive knowing even a little bit about it, like where the rides are, what the shows are, and the park hours, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and stress. Having an idea of where you might like to eat for lunch and dinner is also a great idea.

10. Don’t Miss the Gran Fiesta Tour

Inside the Mexico pavilion pyramid is the Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros, Donald, Panchito and Jose Carioca, from the 1944 film The Three Caballeros. This ride never has a line up, so hop aboard a boat and float down the Rio Grande and take in the sights and sounds, and the antics of these three birds.

9. Do Use the Single Rider Line

Test Track is one attraction that is notorious for long wait times, and with good reason. It has an interactive element allowing guests to create a virtual concept for a car, and then test it out, and of course there are major thrills and high speeds! This is one attraction you may want to ride a couple times, and the way to do it is to use the single rider line. Cast members pull people from this line to fill the empty seats. The line moves very quickly, and is a great way to ride Test Track a few times.

8. Don’t Forget About the Fountain of Nations

It’s easy to just stroll by the Fountain of Nations, but make a point of watching the water ballet. When Epcot opened, representatives from 22 nations combined vessels of water from their respective countries, creating one global body of water at Epcot. About every 15 minutes the water ballet propels 149,000 gallons of water 150 feet into the air. It’s a beautiful show, with a beautiful sentiment behind it.

7. Do Snack Around the World

The food is one of the best things about Epcot, and the World Showcase has some ridiculously delicious snacks! Make a point of trying one thing from each pavilion, it’s a great way to experience each culture represented in the World Showcase. The baklava in Morocco is amazing, so is the ice cream in France, and anything from Karamell-Kuche in Germany is delectable!

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6. Don’t Forget About Tours

Epcot has some really fabulous tours. Many of them require advance reservations, so some pre-planning is involved, as well as an extra cost, but they are well worth it, especially if you have visited Epcot many times. There’s the UnDISCOVERed Future World Tour, DesitiNations Discovered, there are a few tours at The Seas pavilion, and there’s a short one-hour walking tour called Behind the Seeds, which takes guests behind the scenes of Living with the Land.

5. Do Get a FastPass+ for Frozen Ever After

New attractions always have long waits, and Frozen Ever After is no exception. Using a FastPass+ reservation for this attraction is a smart idea. Even if you aren’t a huge fan of Frozen, consider getting a FastPass+, especially if it’s not something you want to wait in a long line for.

4. Don’t Miss Illuminations

Illuminations: Reflections of Earth is Epcot’s nighttime spectacular and it is just that, spectacular! The story of earth is told in three chapters through fireworks and music, so find a spot around the World Showcase Lagoon and get ready for an explosion of color and light over the water. Whether you’ve seen Illuminations before, or it’s your very first time, it’s always a perfect way to end your day at Epcot.

3. Do Meet Characters

Epcot has so many characters to meet, and the World Showcase is the perfect place to meet many of them. Mulan is in China, Mary Poppins and Alice are in the United Kingdom, Jasmine and Aladdin are in Morocco, and Anna and Elsa are now in Norway. Before heading to the park, check out which characters you can meet and where so you don’t miss out on the truly magical experience of character meet and greets at Epcot.

2. Don’t Visit on the Weekend During Food & Wine

The Epcot Food & Wine Festival is a fall festival that features demonstrations, seminars and a marketplace of food and drink stands serving up small portions of delicious foods from around the world. This festival is wildly popular, and it’s one of the most exciting times to visit Epcot, but it’s best to avoid visiting on a weekend if you can. The line-ups at the food booths get extremely long, and the park gets very crowded, which can put a bit of a damper on the experience. If you have the flexibility to visit during the week, do so.

1. Do Take Your Time

It’s difficult to fight the urge to rush from attraction to attraction in an attempt to do everything, but it really is worth it to slow down a little and take your time at Epcot. Spend some time wandering through the World Showcase, take in the details, talk to the cast members and other guests. These moments will become the memories you cherish about your time at Epcot.

What are some of your dos and don’ts for Epcot?

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