12 Awesome Tips For Creating Lasting Walt Disney World Vacation Memories

Walt Disney World is a place where special memories are made. In fact, ‘Let them Memories Begin’ was a campaign and theme of Disney’s a few years ago. But how do we hold onto those precious memories for years to come? Here are 12 ways to help you create lasting memories of your Disney vacation.


12. Get Buttons

Disney has free celebration buttons for guests. You can get them at them Guest Services, some cast members give them out, and from the front desk at your resort. There are a number of buttons, including birthday buttons, happily ever after buttons and first visit buttons. These buttons are great keepsakes that will help you remember what you were celebrating at Disney on that particular trip.

11. Autograph Books

Autograph books aren’t just for character meet and greets, they also hold memories. Years later you can look back and remember the first time you met Mickey or Sleeping Beauty. You can also insert a photo of the meet and greet next to the autograph to tie your memories to a specific trip.

10. Try Something New

No matter how many times you’ve been to Disney there will always be something you haven’t done. Whether it’s an attraction, a restaurant, a new snack or a character you haven’t met, doing something new is a great way to create a lasting memory. You’ll always remember the first time you had a dole whip or ate at the Crystal Palace.

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9. Get in the Kitchen

There are cookbooks available for purchase at Disney, which contain recipes from restaurants around Disney. You can also find many Disney recipes online. Re-creating a favorite meal from your Disney vacation will bring those Disney memories flooding back with every delectable bite.

8. Smells like Disney

A specific smell can bring a memory back in a very vivid way. You can link your memories to a smell by using a particular room spray, or air freshener in your resort room. That way when you use that same room spray at home, you’ll be reminded of your trip. You can attribute specific scents to each Disney trip.

7. Practical Souvenirs

Buy something that you know you will use on a regular basis when you return home, such as a coffee mug. When you use this item, you’ll be sure to remember the amazing times you had on your magical Disney vacation. This might just be the mood booster you need while drinking your Monday morning coffee out of your Disney mug.

6. Music

Bring some park music home with you! When you’re feeling blue, or missing Disney, you can turn on some Disney theme park music and be transported back to your vacation. You can buy attraction music, parade music, and seasonal music too.

5. Recap Over Meals

Use the time you have at meals to recap your time in Disney so far, or even just your day. Talking about your favorite attractions and what you’ve seen and done at the parks and resorts is a great way to commit things to memory.

4. Get Creative

For those who like to be creative, make something at home that will remind you of your Disney vacation. Scrapbooking is a great way to be creative and hold onto your memories. Or a shadow box with your Magic Bands, photos, and celebration buttons is the perfect way to display your Disney memories.

3. Memory Maker

Having photos to look back on is one of the best, and easiest, ways to preserve your memories. The Memory Maker is a great way to ensure that you don’t miss out on any of your ride photos and all the photos you have taken around the parks by Disney PhotoPass photographers. All your photos will be linked to your My Disney Experience app where you can download them and have them forever. There is a fee for the Memory Maker, but it’s well worth it if you want a lot of photos.

2. Start a Collection

Disney fans love to collect Disney merchandise, be it pins, Christmas ornaments, Minnie ears, and the list goes on, and on. Having a Disney collection will help preserve your memories. If you collect Christmas ornaments, you can get one on each visit and tie memories of that trip to that ornament. A collection isn’t just a collection of things, but a collection of memories too.

1. Slow Down

One of the absolute best ways to create lasting memories of your Disney vacation is to slow down and be in the moment! By being mindfully present while you’re in Disney, you will experience all those magical moments that you will later recall with the help of photos, park music and your Disney souvenirs.

About Lauren Repei

Lauren lives in Hamilton Ontario, but dreams of one day moving to Orlando to be closer to the Magic Kingdom. She loves the atmosphere, the history, the magic of the parks and Dole Whips, so she’s always in the midst of planning her next vacation. In the meantime, she spends her days working for the family business as a baker, and as a travel agent specializing in Disney with ClicktheMouse. Lauren’s most memorable Disney moment by far, is when she became engaged in front of Cinderella Castle making it her best Disney vacation to date.