10 Unique Disney World Souvenir Ideas

10. Personal Sketch by Disney Artist

This souvenir is probably one of the most impressive to take home and display or to give as a gift. The most popular store for a sketch is the Art of Disney store on Main Street USA, although there are other locations at Disney Springs and Epcot. While there are plenty of paintings, prints, and drawings available for a quick purchase, it’s absolutely worth the wait to have a sketch done just for you by one of the Disney artists working inside. The artist I worked with let me look through a large binder full of sample sketches to choose which one I wanted. I was also allowed to pick what colors I wanted her to use and have her write a personalized message on my sketch (mine was a 2nd anniversary gift to my husband). I chose a pickup time later that evening and when I came back it was finished. The artist signed it and stamped it to show that it is official Disney work. My husband loved it! This is by far my favorite and most meaningful souvenir we’ve ever brought home.

9. Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom cards

Everyone loves free souvenirs, right? One of my favorite freebies are Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom cards. Each card will feature artwork of a Disney character using a special power or action. But these cards aren’t just for show, they can be used to defat Disney villains at certain interactive windows situated around the park. It’s a good way to enjoy the Magic Kingdom if you’re looking to avoid long waits at the rides, plus they’ll look cool in a trading card binder. Every guest is allowed one new pack of 4 to 5 cards a day, so this souvenir can really add up! Just visit the fire station on Main Street USA to pick up your game cards; it’s to your left after you pass under the railroad station. The cast members there will also give you a quick tutorial on how to use them at the interactive windows.

8. Haunted Mansion Ghost Photo

When Memento Mori, the Haunted Mansion gift shop, opened it immediately became one of the best places at Disney World for souvenir hunting. This store is a must see for all fans of the attraction and is overflowing with awesome souvenirs to take home. However, the coolest souvenir in the store can sometimes be overlooked. For $20, guests can go into a small room closed off by a velvet curtain and have their picture taken; but this isn’t your standard souvenir photo. In a few minutes, your portrait is transformed into a “spirit photo,” a ghoulish lenticular print that, from certain angles, transforms your face into a ghostly image of yourself that would fit right in with the other 999 happy haunts of the Mansion. This is definitely an awesome memento of your trip.

7. Charm Bracelet

Jewelry is another one of my loves, and I’m certainly not alone. Disney World has a fantastic variety of jewelry for every budget, from inexpensive costume jewelry to amazing diamond and gold pieces. Charm bracelets are one of my favorite jewelry souvenirs in that they are totally customizable and you can add to them each time you visit the parks. Uptown Jewelers on Main Street houses the Pandora boutique, which carries a gorgeous assortment of charms including the Disney princesses and Mickey ears. The more inexpensive charms can be found throughout Disney World, in stores such as the Main Street Emporium, and are usually around $5. Add a new charm to your bracelet each time you vacation at Disney World!

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6. Character Autographs

Character Autographs are another great free souvenir. Getting in line to meet a character will give you great photo opportunities and cute signatures. But to make this souvenir unique, take along something different for your favorite characters to sign instead of the standard autograph book. Some of the best ideas are the large blank vinylmations or a matte to go around a picture in a frame. Use your imagination to make this souvenir idea really unique!

5. Epcot Mexico Pavilion Souvenirs

The Epcot World Showcase is brimming with wonderful souvenirs from around the world. My personal favorite country to shop around in is the Mexico Pavilion, because of their variety of handcrafted collectibles. When you walk into the Maya temple, you are transported to a Mexican village at dusk. This space houses the San Angel Inn restaurant and a great selection of authentic Mexican gifts that make the perfect unique souvenir. These include hand carved and painted animal figures, colorful ceramic wall décor, jewelry, and more.

4. Lighted Scene Box

This fun souvenir is yet another reason to visit the various Art of Disney stores throughout the parks and Disney Springs. Each box depicts a famous scene from a Disney movie or attraction and lights up when you turn it on, allowing you to take some Disney magic home with you. Some of the scenes represented are The Nightmare Before Christmas, Dumbo, The Little Mermaid, and the Haunted Mansion, just to name a few. These will look amazing on your mantle or a side table at home.

3. Disney’s PhotoPass

Most of you are probably aware of the Disney PhotoPass around all four of the parks. However, the addition of MagicBands have made this far more convenient and the perfect souvenir idea. All you have to do now is find a PhotoPass photographer (they’re everywhere!), have them scan your MagicBand, and pose for a picture. All of your trip photos are then accessible online at This includes all of your on-ride photos too. When you sign in to your account, you can view all of your pictures and videos and have the option of ordering any of your photos and video clips. Don’t forget to share your pictures with each of the people in your group so everyone can enjoy them!

2. New Technology Souvenirs

Pandora – The World of Avatar is the newest land located in Animal Kingdom theme park. Not only does this land boast two awesome rides and a beautiful setting known at Valley of Mo’ara, but they have some the most unique and high tech souvenirs on property. Visit Windtraders to create your own Avatar Action Figure! Your image will be taken and transformed into an Avatar Action Figure you can take home with you. Plus, you can also purchase a robotic Banshee (flying dragon-like figure) that will interact with you. Perch it on your shoulder and show it off to your friends and family. Pretty great stuff that will provide a memorable souvenir to take home.

1. Child’s First Haircut

Not only is this a unique souvenir, it is also a very special and meaningful one. Children’s first haircuts are always an important milestone for parents, and what better place to have it done than the Magic Kingdom? Both kids and adults can get their hair cut at the Harmony Barber Shop on Main Street, but their most popular service has to be the “My First Haircut package.” It includes an adorable certificate, a keepsake lock of your child’s hair, and a special embroidered “First Haircut” Mickey ears! Don’t miss this amazing souvenir (and the amazing memories!)

About Margaret Gooden

Margaret lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, but doesn't let that stop her from making monthly trips to Orlando. She and her husband went to Disney World on their honeymoon in 2012 and have been hooked ever since. Her biggest Disney obsessions are the Haunted Mansion, pin trading, and the chicken waffle sandwich at Sleepy Hollow. She's also very proud of her Dumbo tattoo. When Margaret is not at Disney (or making the 8 1/2 hour drive back and forth) she enjoys studying American history, listening to classic rock, and playing with her ridiculously tiny dog Cricket.