10 Under Appreciated Cast Members at Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World wouldn’t be possible without the incredible cast members. They are the people who work hard to make your vacation magical. Unfortunately, many of them don’t receive the recognition that they deserve. Here are ten cast member jobs that are under appreciated.

10) Parking Attendants

Parking attendants play a very important role at Walt Disney World. Parking can get crazy and they keep everything organized. They’re out there standing in the sun on black pavement, which in the summer it gets hot. They are out in all weather conditions. A smile or a wave just to let them know you appreciate them can really make their day.

9) Cashiers

There are cashiers all over Walt Disney World. They’re in the gift shops, the quick service restaurants, kiosks, etc. They stand for hours at a time so after you buy something simply thank them. They play a very important role at Walt Disney World.

8) Bus Drivers

Bus drivers at Walt Disney World have a lot of responsibility. It’s their job to take you around quickly but safely. They are under a lot of pressure every single day. Let them know you appreciate what they do by thanking them when you get on and off the bus. Also, if you have strollers, they need to be folded up while you are on the bus. It’s for everyone’s safety and it is also the law.

7) Security Guards

Walt Disney World’s number one priority is to keep everyone safe. Security guards are there to make sure that happens. They are not there to ruin your fun, so make sure you are respectful to them. If you ever have a problem at the parks, they are there to help you.

6) Ride Attendants

 Ride attendants are essential at Walt Disney World. Rides are one of the main things that guests come to the parks for. This wouldn’t be possible without them. They have so many things they need to stay on top of to keep things running smoothly and to keep you safe. They don’t make the rules, including the height requirements. Don’t argue with a ride attendant if your child is too short. Ask about Rider Switch, or ride something else instead.

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5) Ticket Windows

You are about to start your magical day at Walt Disney World but there’s one thing you’ll need to get, your ticket. The cast members at the ticket windows are there to help. Any questions you have they can answer. They don’t set the prices, so don’t complain about the cost of tickets to them.

4) Custodial

Without the custodial staff Walt Disney World would be a mess, literally. They keep the parks clean so you can enjoy your time at Walt Disney World resort. Their job isn’t always the most fun, so let them know that you really appreciate them. Just saying thank you takes only a couple of seconds but can bring a smile to the custodian’s face.

3) Servers

Walt Disney World has some incredible restaurants that everyone will love. These restaurants would not be possible without their amazing servers. Be polite to them because they are trying to make your dining experience a special one. Don’t forget to tip generously for good service. If you’re using the Disney Dining Plan you’ll still need to tip, the gratuity is not included in most cases.

2) Front Gate

The cast members at the front gate play a very important role. They are the ones letting you into the park after all. They are there to get you excited for your new day at the parks. Remember if you have a problem with your ticket it is not their fault, so don’t take out your frustrations on them.

1) Guest Relations

If you have a problem at Walt Disney World this is where you will be sent. It’s important to remember that whatever happened, it is not the guest relations cast member’s fault and they are trying to help you resolve the issue. This is also where to go if you want to leave a compliment for a cast member that has gone above and beyond. Walt Disney World takes compliments very seriously so let them know if someone has helped to make your vacation a little more magical.

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