10 Travel Essentials for a Walt Disney World Vacation

Packing for a Walt Disney World vacation can be overwhelming.  What to include, what to leave behind, how much to have?  It is quite the process.  We have the 10 travel essentials for a Walt Disney World vacation to help you with your packing process.


1. Sunscreen

It doesn’t matter what time of year guests are heading down, sunscreen is essential for the trip.  Even during the winter months, the sun can be extreme in Florida and being protected by sunscreen is important.


2. Portable Fans

Another great way to combat the Florida heat is by having portable fans.  These small fans can bring great relief while waiting in lines or for a bus.  There are a variety of different ones that guests can find from Disney themed to USB chargeable ones.  It is amazing what a small breeze can do in the heat of the day.

3. Portable cell phone chargers

Now more than ever phones are an important part of a Disney vacation.  The My Disney Experience app allows guests to interact and do more than ever before from their phones.  From mobile ordering to opening resort doors, this app is key to a magical vacation.  This app also drains phone batteries quickly.  With this in mind, it is so important to bring portable charger(s) into the park each day.  No one wants to get caught at 0% when that special photo is ready to be taken.

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4. Good Shoes

Walking is a key part to a Walt Disney World vacation.  From navigating the four parks to the resorts, guests are sure to put in a few magical miles every day of their vacation.  Because of this, it is so important to have good, comfortable walking shoes.  Make sure to break them in before heading to Disney by walking around the neighborhood to make sure they don’t rub or cause issues.  Also, if packing allows, consider having two or three shoes along for the trip.  With rain storms or if blisters do show up, it is nice to be able to switch shoes throughout the trip to get some relief.

5. Snacks

Mickey pretzels, ice cream bars, popcorn and so much more can be found throughout the Disney theme parks for delicious snacks; however, we suggest bringing a few from home to have with you during the day.  It seems like the hangry pains hit while waiting in line so having a quick granola bar, fruit pack or a bag of goldfish can really make all the difference in the world.  It can also help save a few dollars between meals and Mickey bars.

6. Wipes

Wipes are a great item to have on hand when touring Walt Disney World.  From cleaning up ice cream covered faces to wiping off tables if needed, these are important to have in your park bag.  Although Disney does a great job keeping things clean, having these travel wipes around can make clean ups a little bit easier.

7. Hand sanitizer

Everyone knows that little kids, and big kids, tend to touch everything.  Having hand sanitizer along for the trip is so important.  Small hand sanitizers make it easy to quickly clean hands after rides, before eating or after kids have touched everything in line.  

8. Reusable water bottle

Free water is given at all of Disney’s theme parks, but it is nice to have your own water bottle to put it into and carry around.  Consider investing in a water bottle that will help keep water cool in the parks or a fun Disney themed one that the kids will want to use.  During the summer heat, drinking water is so important and having a water bottle with you at all times will help you combat dehydration.

9. Ziplocs

Ziplocs are a great item to have on a Disney vacation.  From small Ziplocs to put phones in during rides or rain storms to larger Ziplocs for dirty clothes or garbage Ziploc baggies can really be helpful during a vacation.  We also recommend packing items in Ziplocs for security purposes at the park as it allows security to be quicker as they can see into the bag.  

10. Weather items

Make sure to pack items for weather conditions.  That is right, weather happens in even the Disney bubble.  Grab some rain ponchos and umbrellas for the rainy summer and fall season to help keep you dry during the day.  When winter hits, make sure you have gloves, hats and coats because it does get cold even at Disney.  If traveling during the summer months, consider purchasing a cooling towel to help keep everyone cooled off during the heat of the day.  Having these items can help keep the magic going.

We hope this list of 10 travel essentials will help you as you prepare for your next magical Walt Disney World vacation.

About Jennifer Retzlaff

My name is Jennifer Retzlaff and I became a lifelong Disney fan during my first trip to Walt Disney World in 6th grade. From that moment, Disney became a big part of my life. I live in Iowa with my husband and two kids who are growing up too quickly for my liking. I started introducing my love for Disney early to my family with a Disney honeymoon and then trips when our youngest of 18 months. Since then, our family has been to Walt Disney World over five times and we continue to plan and dream for the next trip. I love the magic that Disney brings to people through the theme parks, cruises, adventures and movies they create. As a teacher, I try to bring that magic into my classroom to help kids believe that “If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It.” I recently reached a dream of mine as I joined Magic Vacation Planner as a personal travel advisor. With this team, I can now help others plan magical vacations. As a passionate writer, I also have my own blog at magicalvacationsbyjen which is also where you can follow me on instagram for trip reviews along with tips and tricks for your next magical vacation.