10 Things You Should Buy Before Your Next Disney Trip

I have to admit that I am a terrible packer. After years of rolling eyes from my husband when we have to run out to buy multiple forgotten items on our vacations, I have now learned to use a list.   After using lists, I find that I am usually very well prepared! My lists for Disney are very different than other vacations, as there are so many very specific items that are needed on a Disney vacation. Hopefully this list will help you on your next vacation and prevent you from being a terrible packer…like the old me!

1. Food or Drink

Though I like to dine out when on vacation, it is more cost effective to bring food on your vacation. We often bring items for breakfast and definitely have snacks packed for the hungry times between meals. The parks also allow you to bring in food. So, when I bring my nephews to the parks, I can hand over many options instead of buying expensive ones from a vendor. I also have water, iced tea and soda packed for the room. Now, this might prove difficult if you are flying in, but if you are driving you might consider packing the car up!

2. Sunscreen

Even if you travel during the winter months, the Florida sun will get you! I’ve often seen horrible burns in December when tourists think they are safe! And let me be crystal clear, you need sunscreen! If you wait to buy your sunscreen in the parks, you’ll pay at least double, if not triple for the same product you can grab at your local drug store.

3. Disney Clothing

Part of the fun of going to Disney World is dressing up in Disney themed items. Some of my favorite Disney shirts have come from Target or Walmart and I always check the local Disney Store out for clearance items. While I have purchased clothes in the parks, they are often pretty expensive and there are lots of Disney items available locally.   Check online as well, there are some incredible ETSY stores full of pretty unique Disney clothing.

4. Coffee

I don’t drink coffee, but I have heard the complaints of pretty much everyone that has ever gone to Disney that the coffee in the rooms is pretty gross. So, you might want to bring your favorite coffee with you to brew in the room. There are now Starbucks options on Disney World property, but my Dad would roll his eyes at me and call me a coffee amateur for that tip.

5. Spray Bottles (with or without fans)

You might be tempted to buy this $20 item in the parks if it is a super-hot day, but you can also be prepared with a $6 or so substitute from a local store. Just this week, I saw a poor fellow practically taking a bath in a water fountain. So, if you are a fan of this item, go ahead and purchase before you come down to Florida. I also know that this is a fairly easy product to break, especially for younger kids, so grab 2 for even less than the price of 1 at Disney World.

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6. Hand Sanitizer

The most magical place on Earth can also be the most germy place on Earth. Between the handrails, ride safety bars and accessories, interactive queues and contact with other people and surfaces, a great idea is to buy some hand sanitizer before your trip. There are plenty of sick people at Disney who did not want to cancel their expensive trips, so a little sanitizer can go a long way!

7. A filtered reusable bottle/Water Drops

I may not be the first to tell you this, but the tap water at Disney is not the best tasting. At $3 for bottled water, it is a pretty expensive to stay hydrated. So, if you can grab a reusable water bottle that has a filter right in it, you’ll be in great shape to make sure you are hydrated all day. Another option is to flavor tap water with the flavored water drops that you pick up from a local grocery store. Either way, make sure you drink a lot of water at Disney!

8. Souvenirs and Park Items

Many of my friends will buy Disney Princess dolls, play sets and toys from a local store and pack them for their trip to save some money. During the day, when their kids ask for things, they say that Mickey will deliver a surprise to them in the hotel and then leave gifts from Mickey on their beds. Another item many will buy prior to their vacation is glow necklaces, swords, tiaras, costume pieces or wands from a toy store. There are some souvenirs that you can’t get anywhere other than Disney World, so buying some items outside the parks will leave you open to getting them!

9. Medications and Toiletries

Mousekeeping is great about replenishing toiletries like soap, shampoo, conditioner and lotion. I would suggest bringing any other item you need for your morning routine, as they are costly in the hotel. You should also grab some bandaids in case of cuts, scrapes or blisters. Many people bring moleskin in case of a very bad blister. I also suggest that you bring aspirin or ibuprofen, a nail clipper and file, Q-tips, aloe and antacid. Make sure you also pack your prescription medications and pack a few extra just in case you have a delayed flight.

10. Ponchos

If I was allowed to sell ponchos at the entrance of any Disney park, I’d be financially secure for my entire life. Ponchos are a huge seller at the parks on rainy days, but you don’t have to spend a fortune to stay dry! Make sure that you take a trip to a dollar store and grab a poncho for every member of your family for less than what one costs at the parks.

About Lauren Wallis

Lauren Wallis was destined to love Disney. Her Mother found out that she was pregnant with Lauren after her honeymoon at WDW. After moving to Florida in 1990, every school trip, family vacation and weekend getaway was at Disney World! Lauren attended the University of Central Florida and spent her weekends looking for the most delicious restaurants on a college budget. She and her husband have relocated and now live in Central Florida, just minutes from Walt Disney World. She has stayed at every single resort and is currently working on eating at every single restaurant! She has been on WDW property over 400 times…lucky Floridian!