10 Of The Best Walt Disney World Souvenirs For Teens

Finding the perfect souvenirs is part of the fun of any Walt Disney World vacation. Here are ten souvenir suggestions for teens. They could be for teens in your party, you could be a teen yourself and you’re looking for the perfect remembrance, or you might be buying a gift for a teen back home. Some of these items are fairly common, others are more unique. A couple of the choices are a bit on the broad side, but that’s because all teens are different.

10) Star Wars Merchandise

It’s been over 40 years since Star Wars took the nation and the world by a storm, and the franchise is stronger than ever. Many teens don’t realize that it was their parents and even their grandparents who made the original trilogy so popular. There are a lot of great Star Wars related items sold at Walt Disney World. While there are several locations that sell Star Wars merchandise, the most unique items are sold at Launch Bay Cargo. There your teen can design a cell phone case, find an autographed print to hang on the bedroom wall, or even pick up a life sized Stormtrooper statue. If your teen loves Star Wars, there are plenty of souvenirs that he or she will want at Walt Disney World.

9) Pressed Pennies

While a Stormtrooper statue might set you and your teen back a few dollars, there is one great souvenir that costs less than a dollar. Pressed pennies are fun to make and also to collect. There are machines all over the place at Walt Disney World. You’ll find them near rides, in some shops, and at the resorts. Pressed pennies are a fun way to chronicle your trip, and your teen will have a new collection once you’re home again.

8) Picture Frames

Teens love selfies, and technology makes it easy to take lots of pictures while at Walt Disney World. Pick up a few picture frames or an album while on vacation, then use them for favorites. The problem with being able to take thousands of pictures is that they’re usually just left on the phone, not looked at all that often. With picture frames or an album, the most special pictures will be cherished instead.

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7) Pins

Pin collecting is fun for the entire family, but it can be even more special when a teen is involved. Small children don’t learn about the pins, they just see one that they like and then they want it. Pin collecting teens will learn about the pins that they are searching out. They will learn the value of pins that they are considering getting, and they realize that some pins are rarer than others. They will still have favorites that they will look for, but pin collecting can be more meaningful to a teenager.

6) Glass Art

Blown glass and glass art is something that goes right over the heads of young children. All that they know is that they are not allowed to touch it without Mom freaking out. Teens can better respect the process. They know that making crystal and glass figures is truly an art and a skill. If your teenager is looking for glass art, look for the name Arribas Brothers. You’ll find their work at Germany and Mexico at Epcot, and at Arribas Brothers at Disney Springs. You will also want to admire their works at Crystal Arts at the Magic Kingdom. If you’re lucky, you and your teen might even see the process first hand.

5) Backpacks

If you’re looking for a practical souvenir that will get a lot of use, you might want to consider looking at backpacks. There are plenty of designs to choose from. There are backpacks based on characters, based on rides, based on movies, based on Walt Disney World itself, and many more. There are so many different backpacks to choose from, your teenager will be able to show off his or her personality, as well as have a fantastic souvenir.

4) World Showcase Specialty Items

One of the many incredible things about World Showcase at Epcot is that there are plenty of chances to buy unique souvenirs. Is your teen a Beatles fan? Not a problem. Have a soccer player in your family? There are some great choices. Does your teen have a nose for international perfumes? You’ll find some a fantastic selection. At World Showcase, there are souvenirs from around the world. You are sure to find the perfect item.

3) T-Shirts

You can’t go wrong buying a souvenir t-shirt for your favorite teen. At Walt Disney World there are so many choices! Your teen can celebrate the year of your vacation, show off favorite characters, prove that he or she braved a ride, and so much more. There are whimsical t-shirts, glow in the dark t-shirts, t-shirts with sayings, movie t-shirts, and lots of other choices. T-shirts make great souvenirs for those you are traveling with, and also for the teens who are still at home.

2) Caricature Portraits

What better way for your teen to end up in the middle of a favorite movie or as a classic character than with a caricature portrait? These pictures only take a few minutes, and they make great souvenirs. You will find caricature artists in all four theme parks, and also at some of the resorts. Special mention needs to go to Mike, who works at Disney’s BoardWalk. He is extremely talented, and he also has special backgrounds that he has designed that aren’t available in other locations. Mike usually works Tuesday through Sunday evenings.

1) Mickey Ears

Perhaps the most classic Disney souvenir of all time is Mickey Ears. They had undergone several changes through the decades. The black hat and ears with the smiling Mickey circle are still popular, but the ears have advanced far past that. You can find the hat-style ears as favorite characters such as BB-8 and Buzz Lightyear. There are hat-style ears that celebrate different occasions, including the popular bride and groom ears. Not all ears are hats these days. Headbands have grown in popularity, and are now seen everywhere. Some headbands are just decorative, but others celebrate something fun such as the Christmas season. There are also character ear headbands. Ear headbands are not just for teenage girls, plenty of guys wear them as well. Your teen might want to pick up his or her mouse ears soon after you arrive at Walt Disney World, so that they can be worn for all the pictures.

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