Experiences That Give Us Walt Disney World Chill Bumps

There is no vacation as magical as a Disney vacation, and there are moments on each trip that make even the grumpiest of guests happy. These moments can give us chills, but for many different reasons. Some are so magical and special that they stick with us forever, some are too fun for words, and some are downright scary! No matter what your style of exploring Walt Disney World, you will be sure to experience chills from one of these experiences!

1. First Glimpse of Cinderella Castle

For most guests, the true magic of their Disney vacation starts with their first steps on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom and the first glimpse of Cinderella Castle. Standing tall at the end of the street, Cinderella Castle is so beautiful and such a great symbol of the fun about to be had that most guests can’t help but get the chills!

2. Watching Happily Ever After

Happening high in the sky above Cinderella Castle each night, Happily Ever After fireworks show combines beautiful blasts of color and light paired with fantastic music and outstanding projections all over the Cinderella Castle. This gorgeous display of fireworks will leave every guests watching with chills.

3. Meeting Mickey Mouse

There is no Disney moment as quintessential to each trip as meeting the mouse himself! One of the best places to meet Mickey is at Town Square on Main Street, and he will be sure to give you chills. Mickey meets guests in his Magician outfit for hugs all around.

4. Lifting off on Soarin’

Soarin’ is one of the most popular attractions in Epcot and it is easy to see why. Taking guests to the skies on a hang gliding trip across breathtaking scenes around the world, this attraction can end up with wait times of close to two hours. While the whole experience is amazing, the moment that will give guests chills is the moment they hear “Soarin’ to tower, you are clear for takeoff,” the lights dim and they are whisked upwards into the sky!

5. Entering the Twilight Zone

One of the most intricately themed attractions in all of Walt Disney World is the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror found looming at the end of Sunset Boulevard in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. From its decaying exterior to the abandoned lobby, guests will immediately have chills once they realize that something went wrong there. Suddenly finding themselves on an elevator straight to the twilight zone, those chills will follow them until they are back safely on Sunset Boulevard!

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6. Hearing “Welcome Home”

One of the best moments of each Disney trip is hearing a Cast Member say “welcome home” upon arriving at a Disney Resort. This extra little touch adds so much magic to a Disney day and is sure to leave guests with chills from happiness and excitement. Be sure to listen for it when checking into a resort or returning home after a day in the parks.

7. Riding the Haunted Mansion

Featuring wall to wall creaks and hot and cold running chills guests find themselves in the company of 999 happy haunts being eerie, mischievous, and downright funny at times. The chills begin before even entering into the manor house with a walk through the cemetery and an encounter with a rather spirited tombstone honoring Madame Leota. This attraction will leave guests with chills long after exiting into Liberty Square.

8. Conquering the Forbidden Mountain

Not only will guests find themselves in an icy climate, but they will be sure to have chills upon realizing that they mistakenly wandered into the home of the Yeti! Expedition Everest in Disney’s Animal Kingdom starts off as a mild tea train ride, but soon turns into a chance encounter with the legendary beast that is too close for comfort.

9. Rocketing off on the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith

This rocking attraction can be found next door to the Twilight Zone Tower and Terror and takes guests through fictional G Force Records and face to face with Aerosmith. Suddenly guests will find themselves strapped into a super stretch limo and peeling out to race across Los Angeles to make it to the concert on time. The initial acceleration takes guests from zero to sixty in seconds and can give anyone chills!

About Caitlin Kane

Caitlin Kane has been visiting Walt Disney World since she was a child and has developed a deep love and appreciation of the Disney Parks with a particular interest in the small details and history that can be found all around. Visiting every chance she gets, Caitlin loves to enjoy the ambiance of the Disney Parks and try something new every time. She can often be found eating and drinking her way through the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival, riding the Haunted Mansion, sipping on a Lapu Lapu, pretending Illuminations: Reflections of Earth was still in existence, and enjoying seeing the magic through the eyes of her children. When not in WDW, Caitlin can be found at home in New York dreaming of a ride on Living with the Land and counting down the days until her next trip.