10 Experiences You Might Not Have Tried Around Epcot’s Future World

There’s more to Future World at Epcot than Soarin’ and Spaceship Earth, in fact there are plenty of attractions that are exciting and informative, and since Future World opens before the World Showcase you have ample time to explore this side of the park. Here are 10 experiences you might not have tried around Epcot’s Future World.

10. The Coral Reef

With so many fantastic restaurants to choose from over at the World Showcase, sometimes guests can overlook the wonderful restaurant in Future World, The Coral Reef. The menu features mostly seafood, but does have some dishes for those who aren’t the biggest seafood fans. The best feature of this restaurant is the view. One whole wall of this restaurant offers guests a view into the aquarium that is filled with living coral reef, sharks, sea turtles, fish and you may even spot a diver or two.

9. Test Track at Night

If you have the opportunity, ride Test Track at night. Test Track is amazing at any time of the day, but there’s something extra exciting about it at night. It’s almost a new experience going through that final test and reaching 65mph with the big black night sky surrounding you and the lights glowing along the track as you zoom by.

8. Behind the Seeds Tour

If you enjoy the ride Living with the Land, check out the walking tour Behind the Seeds. It’s inexpensive as far as Disney tours go, and it doesn’t take up much time. It’s about a one-hour tour. Your guide will take you through four green houses, and the fish farm. You’ll see plants, and veggies in the shape of Mickey and you’ll even see guests float by as they ride through Living with the Land.

7. ImageWorks – the ‘What If’ Labs

Instead of rushing out to the exit after Journey into the Imagination, slow down and explore the ‘What If’ Labs. ImageWorks is great fun for all ages, but young kids will especially love this interactive playground. Just like the attraction Journey into the Imagination, the ‘What If’ Labs focus on our different senses, in the sensory-inspired play area. So take a few minutes and enjoy the games and activities here.

6. Innoventions

Innoventions is a pavilion in Future World that you may have chosen to bypass, or even just simply walked right by it, writing it off as ‘boring’ because it doesn’t house a big attraction. But Innoventions is worth stopping by because it does have a number of fun exhibits and interactive games. One of the best exhibits is Sum of All Thrills where guests can design their own thrill ride and test it out by boarding the 4D robotic simulator. As a bonus, Innovations is a great pavilion to visit if you need to beat the heat, or escape the rain.

5. Explore the Seas

The Seas with Nemo and Friends isn’t the only attraction located in the Seas that is worth your time. There are so many great things to explore here. There are aquariums to see that are filled with living coral reef, sharks, turtles, hidden Mickeys, there are manatees to see and of course Turtle Talk with Crush is great for small kids. There are also a number of photo opportunities, for example you can take a picture with a statue of Bruce from Finding Nemo. For an extra cost, you can also go snorkeling in the aquarium on an Aqua Tour, or swim with dolphins.

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4. The UnDISCOVERed Future World Tour

If you love Future World, and want to learn and see even more of it, this tour is for you. It does have a price tag that is higher than the Behind the Seeds Tour and it does require an advance reservation, but it’s definitely worth it, especially if you’ve visited Future World multiple times. You’ll learn about what Walt envisioned originally for EPCOT, visit VIP lounges, the pavilions and go backstage.

3. Taste Track

You don’t have to trek all the way over to the World Showcase for delicious quick service options, and Sunshine Seasons isn’t the only place for good food in Future World. Taste Track doesn’t have a big menu by any means, but the sandwich options are truly delectable! There are great food combinations, with menu items like Canadian Cheddar and Granny Smith Applies on cinnamon raison bread with apple butter, or Gruyère and Applewood Smoked Bacon on sourdough bread. There’s a lot of deliciousness to be had at this little location!

2. Character Meet and Greets

There are so many amazing characters to meet at the Epcot Character Spot. If you don’t check the schedule ahead of time, you may not realize all the characters that appear here! Sadness and Joy from Inside Out are here to meet guests, Baymax, and of course Mickey, Minnie and Goofy also make appearances. Don’t miss out on getting your picture taken with these wonderful Disney characters.

1. Project Tomorrow

Spaceship Earth is difficult to miss, since the attraction is located in the park icon, but Project Tomorrow: Inventing the Wonders of Tomorrow is easy to walk right through without stopping to take a closer look or experience it. Future World has a number of interactive games and activities for guests and they often seem to be the things that guests pass by, but they embody much of what this part of the park is all about: advancement, curiosity, innovation, technology, discovery and also fun! Project Tomorrow has a number of interactive activities that allow guests to look to the future, in terms of power, energy and medicine. Taking even just 10 to 15 minutes to explore this area might open your eyes up to a whole side of Future World you haven’t explored before.

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