10 Everyday Things That Are Better at Disney

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Can we all agree that everything is better on a Walt Disney World vacation? It doesn’t seem to matter what – every little thing is better. Even the things in our lives that we don’t enjoy at home seem manageable when on vacation. Maybe it’s the adrenaline from excitement, the knowledge that there are no responsibilities, or maybe it’s a little bit of Pixie Dust helping us along! Whatever the case, we seem to like everything a bit more when on Walt Disney World property.

Take a look at 10 of our favorite things that are just better at Disney:

Waking Up

We’ll be the first to say it: waking up is hard sometimes. Waking up is especially hard on work or school days. Any day that requires something of us, really. But waking up on Walt Disney World property is an entirely different story. Instead of your typical iPhone alarm, your room phone rings in the early hours, and on the other end of the line is none other than the mouse himself: Mickey! Mickey’s good morning greeting is enough to bring a smile to anyone, no matter how early it is. Even getting ready for the day isn’t so bad because you have gorgeous shampoo and conditioner and body lotion from H2O to treat yourself. And whether you asked for room service or you chose to go down to a resort restaurant for breakfast, someone else has made you coffee! What a good day it is already.

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Say goodbye to sitting in traffic on your way to work! Even transportation is more fun at Walt Disney World. It doesn’t even matter which method you choose, they are all awesome and don’t require you to drive. Sometimes you even get to fly! (We’re looking at you, Skyliner!) One of the many wonderful things about Disney is that they do everything for you. So no matter where you need to get to around Property, they’ll get you there. And you don’t have to think about it!

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Daily Exercise

What better way to get your body up and moving than walking around the World Showcase? Or going on a nature trail in Animal Kingdom? Vacationing in Disney is definitely a workout, there’s no way around that. Even though you’ll be sitting a lot and relaxing a lot, you’ll probably end up walking twice that much, if not more. It comes with the territory. But that means you’ll get your steps in for the day in no time!

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Meal Planning

Normally, meal planning at home is not a fun experience. It requires sitting down and going through your cookbooks and the calendar, making at least one trip to the grocery store, and then actually making the meal! Not to mention the dishes afterwards. Meal planning at Disney, however, is a much different experience. At Disney, meal planning involves checking the app to see what restaurants have dining reservations, or just walking up to a quick serve restaurant and placing your order. Done! And if that’s too much…there’s always a Mickey Bar!


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Taking Care of the Kids

Taking care of your kids is a full-time job in and of itself. But it works a little differently at Walt Disney World. On vacation, there isn’t any homework to do or school projects to complete or sports games to make. Instead, the priorities become making sure magic is had and memories are made. Sure, your kids will probably have a meltdown here or there, but ultimately, the kids relax too. It can just be about making sure you ride Space Mountain one more time or getting that picture with Cinderella.

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Date Night

Did someone say date night? When was the last time you got to do that? If you are traveling to Walt Disney World with your significant other, there are so many amazing opportunities to celebrate each other. And since Disney is great at entertaining the kids and grandparents and everyone else, you and your special person can sneak off with no trouble at all! Date night at a Resort restaurant is top class. Or how about a romantic fireworks cruise? The opportunities are endless!

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Okay so maybe shopping isn’t a chore for everyone, but it’s definitely a unique experience in Walt Disney World. Instead of your usual walk around Target with Starbucks for things you don’t need, you get to walk around World of Disney (also probably with Starbucks) and get things you definitely need! Bringing home souvenirs from Disney is one of the best ways to keep the magic alive even after the vacation is over.

Checking Your Phone

Let’s face it: we all check our phones way more than we need to, or probably should. There’s always something on it demanding our attention, like work emails, group texts, social media notifications, you name it. But at Disney, you have to check your phone for fun things, like times of restaurant reservations and Play Disney Parks while waiting in line for a ride. Or better yet, capturing all of your amazing vacation memories in pictures and videos.

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One of the most important things to do while on a Walt Disney World vacation is to remember to relax. This is a vacation, after all. Unwinding looks different for all of us. Perhaps at home you like to watch your favorite TV show, or maybe you prefer to do some sort of craft or something with your hands. At Disney, you can do all of these things too, with the addition of some other options such as swimming in your resort pool, going on a relaxing ride (aka Peoplemover), or simply sitting on a bench on Sunset Boulevard with an ice cream!

Yacht Club pool

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Going to Bed

Going to bed at home might feel like a victory, like you got everything done, and you can finally turn off your mind and rest. And the same is true at Disney, except when you go to bed in a resort, your room is turned down and the bed is ready for you. As an adult, there’s something incredibly magical about this. From the moment you wake up to the second your eyes close, you are immersed in Disney magic. That’s why we will always choose a day at Disney over a day anywhere else.

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