10 Disney Characters I Would Invite For Christmas Dinner

While many people dream of visiting Walt Disney World for the Christmas holiday, I think it would be even more amazing to host my own gathering Disney characters in my home for Christmas.  Kind of like a huge family reunion of magical proportions.  Here are the 10 characters who would top my list for an invite:


10. Tinker Bell & the Fairy Godmother

As you can tell, I am going to sneak in a few extra characters here and there through this list.  You just can’t get enough Disney magic.  And speaking of that I’m going to start out with two of the most magical.  I would want to have Tinker Bell and the Fairy Godmother at Christmas dinner to help with the decorating. I imagine Tink could fly up and put the star on the top of the tree and sprinkle a little pixie dust to give everything a sparkle.  And the Fairy Godmother could just Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo and the whole house and tree would be decorated!  Not to mention turning that leftover Halloween pumpkin into a pretty sweet coach!

9. Woody & Buzz

Obviously, you have to have toys at Christmas!  Woody & Buzz are my two favorites and I know they would make Christmas dinner lots of fun for kids of all ages.  Hopefully they will bring the Green Army Men with them so they can reconnoiter the presents as Santa leaves them under the tree on Christmas Eve.

8. Moana

Mele kalikimaka!  Or ‘Ia ‘oa’oa i te Noera!  Or Ke whakamanuia te Kirihimahi!   I’m not sure which Polynesian language Moana speaks, but those are the translations Google gives me for Hawaiian, Tahitian and Tokelauan.  At any rate, I would love to have Moana as a guest for Christmas dinner for many reasons, but I would hope that she would bring some really fresh coconut as a hostess gift—I love a good coconut cake around the holidays!

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7. Scrooge McDuck

I guess you could say it is tradition to invite Scrooge to Christmas Dinner, after all any duck named after the miserly character Ebenezer Scrooge from Dickens’ Christmas Carol is at the heart of Christmas.  Scrooge McDuck played his namesake in the 1983 Mickey’s Christmas Carol . . . and was invited to Christmas Dinner at his nephew Donald’s house.  And we all know how it goes from there.  Hopefully he would bring a turkey for dinner as big as the one he sent to the Cratchits.  (Although, does it bother anyone else that the duck is buying a turkey?)

6. The Carousel of Progress Family

This classic attraction, and one of my favorites, features John & Sarah enjoying Christmas with their whole family.  And while this scene may be due for some updating, it is one of my favorites—reminds me of Christmas when I was younger (minus the virtual reality game), and is so warm and inviting.  I would love to have the whole family come and join us at Christmas dinner, I’m just not letting John touch Scrooge’s turkey!  And hopefully they will bring Uncle Orville too, the more the merrier at Christmas!

5. Figment

The magic of Christmas is all about imagination and who better to bring that to Christmas dinner than Figment!  I’m sure his spark of inspiration and childish delight would be contagious to everyone attending . . . making every part of the Christmas celebration more joyful.

4. The Haunted Mansion Ghosts

I know, this one sounds odd and off-season, but hear me out.  I would invite the Haunted Mansion ghosts, because they really know how to throw a dinner party!  Have you seen how much fun they are having in that ballroom scene?  And the table is set for a grand multi-course meal.  I think those ghosts would be the life of the party (pun intended).

3. Remy & Tiana

While I really enjoy cooking, I feel like on the holidays I would like a little help in the kitchen.  It just makes it more fun to have several people all pitching in to create signature dishes—not to mention the delicious variety of foods to select on the buffet.  So, naturally both Remy and Tiana come to mind when I think about great cooks who would be so much fun to share a kitchen with.  I would hope Tiana would make up her fabulous gumbo and some beignets.  And I think I’d put Remy in charge of the vegetables, his beautiful ratatouille would make a great compliment to the turkey.

2. Joy

Well, what is Christmas without Joy?  Sometimes it is hard for all of us to find Joy in the holiday season for one reason or another.  But, inviting Joy from Inside Out would guarantee that we would all be able to recall the joyful memories of childhood Christmases spent with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins; or those very first Christmases of our own children; or whatever made Christmas special and filled with joy for you.  And she would bring a joyful spirit to the current holiday to make happy memories.

1. Mickey & The Gang

You just couldn’t have a Disney Christmas without Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Pluto & Goofy.  I would invite the whole gang to join my Christmas dinner and watch the Disney Parks Christmas Day parade with me.  Who could be more fun to have around than this group?  They pitch in to help each other out, the complement each other’s personalities (which is always a good mix at dinner), and just imagine the Instagram photos with these celebrities at your Christmas celebration!

There are so many Disney characters who would be perfect guests for your Christmas dinner, obviously I couldn’t narrow it down to just 10 . . . and there are still more that are on my list!  Who would receive an invite to your Christmas dinner?

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