10 Awesome Things To Do At Walt Disney World If The Weather Turns Bad

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There is a rainy season in Central Florida. Unfortunately, the entire summer (one of the busiest times of year) falls into that season. If you plan to visit during the summer months there will most likely be a chance of rain every day while on your vacation. Don’t worry, the storms usually pass quickly, and before you know it things are running like nothing happened. It’s rare that it will rain all day in Central Florida. Here are ten things that you can do to pass the time during a storm.

10. Nap

There are several smartphone apps that can narrow down when it is expected to rain to the hour or even to the minute. Download one, then keep an eye on the hourly forecast. If it says that there is a high chance of rain or storms at 2:00pm, head back to your hotel ahead of that and take a nap. You and your family will have a chance to recharge, and if you time it right you won’t get wet. Admit it, a nap can be awesome.

9. Play in the Rain

Remember how much fun it was to splash in puddles when you were a kid? Disney brings out the kid in anyone, so go ahead and jump in those puddles once again! You probably forgot how much joy playing in the rain can bring. Let the adult in you remember that safety comes first, especially if there’s lightning, but go ahead and have a little bit of fun.

8. Plan

It’s not uncommon for people to duck into a store or under a shelter to try to avoid the rain. What do you then do while waiting for the rain to pass? Pull out your smartphone and open the My Disney Experience App. You can look at menus, decide which ride to head to once the storm calms down, download your pictures, and make last minute changes to FastPass+. If your park map didn’t get too wet, take a look at that as well. You will waste less time if you know exactly where you want to head as soon as you are able.

7. Explore World Showcase

If you’re at Epcot and the skies are about to open up, pick a World Showcase country and head that way. Take your time to wander through the buildings. Look at the exhibits. Talk to the Cast Members. You might learn something about that country, and you’ll have found an interesting way to pass the time.

6. Talk to Cast Members

If you’re hiding in the doorway of a store during a storm, chances are that there will be at least one Cast Member who will stand there as well to keep things under control. Strike up a conversation with that person. Ask where he is originally from, what she likes best about working at Walt Disney World, or for recommendations for restaurants. Cast Members are a treasure chest of information, and if you’re nice you might get some great insider tips.

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5. Character Pictures

Do long lines keep you from getting pictures with some of the more popular characters? A storm is a great time to get into one of those lines, as long as the meet and greet is indoors. A 45 minute line to meet Mickey (you already have a picture with him from another park) might seem more reasonable if it means that you can stay inside and dry off. Don’t worry if you already got wet that you won’t look your best for the picture. That is what memories are made of.

4. Watch

Want to stay dry and get off of your feet for a little while? Go see a show if it looks like it’s about to rain. Whether it’s a live show such as Festival of the Lion King, or a film like Muppet*Vision 3D, you’ll enjoy the break; and the opportunity to be out of the rain. The entertainment value makes it even a better idea, no matter what you see you’ll have made a great decision.

3. Shop

There is probably a good chance that you will look around for the nearest store when it looks like it’s about to rain, so take advantage of your time inside and do a little bit of shopping. You can browse and make a mental note of what you want, or go ahead and make that purchase. Don’t worry about having to carry the bag around with you. In most cases you can have your package delivered to Package Pickup at the front of the park, or even to your hotel room if you’re staying on property.

2. Eat

A bad weather break is also a good time to grab lunch or dinner. While it would be next to impossible to schedule a full service reservation based on the weather, you can catch a counter service meal. If the restaurant is crowded (which it very well might be because of the rain), look to see if there is additional seating anywhere. Many counter service restaurants have extra seating upstairs or around the corner that may not be as crowded.

1. Ride

Outdoor rides will shut down if there is lightning within a certain distance. For the most part, they will stay open if there is only rain. There are also many rides where you will be indoors the entire time, and lightning will not usually affect those. Get in line for one, even if the Wait Time is a little bit longer than you would like. By the time you exit, there is a good chance that the storm will have passed.

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