Woman celebrating her 70th at Disney is shocked to tears when she stops for photo on Main Street

grandmother celebrates birthday at disney world
Credit: Karissa Shaffer

Everyone should get to celebrate at least one birthday at the Most Magical Place on earth. No matter what day of the year you find yourself at Disney World, it’s a good day to be there, and birthdays are just that much more special when you’re surrounded by the magic.

The same was true for a woman who celebrated her 70th birthday at Disney World just a few days ago. In a video posted by Karissa Shaffer (@kshaff20), the woman and her husband can be seen posing for a photo on Main Street, U. S. A. A few younger family members can be seen gathering with the couple for the photo, and that’s when something very magical happens.

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Here’s the short clip of the video:


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Just before the photo is taken, Karissa’s grandmother, who is celebrating her birthday, looks to her right and then back toward the camera. Then she looks back to her right with a jolt as she realizes she sees a familiar face that wasn’t in the couple’s original traveling party: first one familiar face. Then another. Then another. Then many, many others!

Here’s the full video:


Here is the Original video y’all have been asking for!!

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Together, the two videos have amassed almost 23 million views. (Yes, MILLION!) More than 10,000 comments have been posted in response to the videos, most with well wishes and confessions of crying happy tears while watching the videos.

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Karissa’s grandmother was at Disney World to celebrate her 70th birthday, but she had no idea that her entire family, including her grandchildren, would be joining her. In a perfectly timed joint effort on the part of the extended family, everyone was able to come together while Karissa’s grandmother was focused on the camera ahead of her, and photos were captured of her immediate reaction to realizing her whole family had come to Disney World to celebrate with her!

Just more proof that birthdays are indeed just more magical at Disney World!

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