Why We Choose to Skip These Disney Rides

peter pan
Credit: Disney

No matter how long your vacation is to Walt Disney World, you will have limited time in the parks. Because of that, there will be some rides and experiences that you won’t get to. Although we love and enjoy most of the attractions at Walt Disney World, some we feel can be skipped.

We will share some of the rides that we recommend skipping during your next Disney vacation for one reason or another. We hope sharing this will allow you to make the most out of your time in the parks.

Peter Pan's Flight

Credit: Disney

Rides That Aren’t Work the Wait

One type of ride we find overrated and often skipped is the ride that the wait-to-ride experience isn’t worth. One of the most prominent examples is Peter Pan’s Flight in Magic Kingdom. The ride is slightly over two minutes. With wait times typically an hour or more long, for many, it doesn’t seem worth the wait for the experience.

Another ride that we often skip over because of the wait time is Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. We feel the required wait time is often too long for a less than two-minute ride experience.

The same applies to the Na’vi River Journey in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. We are still shocked at how long the wait can be for this basic ride. Even though the visuals are stunning, we don’t feel it is worth the sometimes hour-plus wait to experience it.

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remy's ratatouille adventure

Credit: Becky Burkett

Too  Much Screen Time

It is excellent that Disney rides immerse us in the movies and shows we love, but sometimes, that requires more screen time than we can handle.

Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, a family-friendly ride in EPCOT, is one example of a ride in Walt Disney World that uses more screens throughout the ride. A combination of screens and sets creates the effects of this ride.

For those having trouble with screens, a few spots in the ride might cause issues. This is also a 3D ride that can add to some stomach unease.

Guardians of the galaxy cosmic rewind Epcot Animal kingdom theme park Walt disney world tree of life discovery island DinoLand USA retheme zootopia bug encanto Indiana Jones dinosaur disney park

Credit: Disney

Also, EPCOT is the newest ride that features screens. Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind features screens, a new omnicoaster ride vehicle, and a reverse launch. Even though the ride is exceptionally smooth, there is much screen time. This, combined with the constant movement of the ride vehicle, can cause many issues for Guests.

In Disney’s Hollywood Studios, there are two rides that some Guests might find overrated due to the use of screens. Star Tours is one of the original screen experiences of Walt Disney World. Guests travel along with C-3PO through different Star Wars stories. This is a rough ride that has Guests crashing and blasting off.

The special effects of these rides are stunning; however, sometimes, we just can’t handle the screens. We don’t want to risk feeling gross the rest of the day, so we will often skip these rides during our trip.

space mountain

Credit: Disney

Rides That Hurt

As we have gotten older, we have noticed that some Disney rides do a number on our bodies. Since we prefer to avoid feeling beaten up after a ride, we do have a few rides that we now sit out at Disney.

Space Mountain is one of the rides that we tend to skip over because of how rough it is. This indoor, dark coaster features a lot of quick twists, turns, and drops. These make it hard to brace yourself and cause your body to get tossed around in the darkness.

Dinosaur at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is one of these rides that we often skip because it is so rough. Guests board their ride vehicles before blasting off into the past for a specific dinosaur.

The ride vehicle is on a track that jerks Guests back and forth as they move throughout the ride. These sudden movements can be highly uncomfortable for some Guests. Because of this, some might find the ride overrated.

We don’t find it as magical to be tossed around as one once did. Because of that, we often skip these two rides during our trip.

Walt Disney World offers unique experiences throughout the four Disney Parks. Although we love the majority of the rides offered, some tend to skip for one reason or another. We hope that by sharing our thoughts, you can decide if your family needs to skip any of these rides during your trip.


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